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The American Collector, Vol. 1, No. 8, January-February, 1940
Published by Sam Laidacker


Since the suspension of "Avocations" not a great deal has been published about banks. Interest seemed to be lagging and there has been quite an adjustment of prices. One very large collection has been sold; but Corby, Jones, Ferguson, Emerine, Weider and some of the others have kept right on hunting and occasionally find a rare one. Hobby Mart and Gerald Patton probably have been the most active bank dealers. In my own dealing I have added to my collection, part of which is on exhibition in the Everhart Museum here in Scranton.

Bank collectors lost two very strong supporters in 1939. First to go was Dick Hagadorn. Everyone who knew Dick liked him. He used to tell me his motto was: "Anything old especially friends". Dick had thousands of them despite his infirmities which limited his traveling. The other was Norman Sherwood. Mr. Sherwood undoubtedly was the most active dealer to enter the bank field. He did much to educate both collectors and dealers and assisted in building some of the finest collections. To date his classifications are the best made although we must not forget the little folders of Elmer Rand Jacobs whose collection in the Seamenís Savings bank is being carried on by Mr. Thayer.

Shown above is a group of bust banks. "Mechanobanker" Jones might say it would look better if it showed a "Starkies Patent" wiggling his ears. Try to find one with the high hat or the mammy. All are from the collection of Mr. Walter P. Chrysler.

Bank collectors will welcome the news that two books about banks are in progress. One will be in narrative style while the other will illustrate practically every mechanical bank known, give description of operation, date of patent, varieties, manufacturer and some idea of comparative rarity. If a bank section is sufficiently supported, "The American Antiques Collector" will carry "Bank Notes" each issue.


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