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                          Mechanical Bank Collectors of America - What's New Page
            What's new on the MBCA web ...
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             We are saddened to report that MBCA member Rich Bertoia lost his battle with cancer on Dec. 19, 2016.  He was Bill Bertoia's brother and a member of Bertoia Auctions (Obituary).
     The antique toy collecting community has lost another valuable resource. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Added to the MBCA web between Jan. 28, 2016 and September 6, 2016
     Listing of bank transactions at auction showing total $ spent, average $ per bank, and number of each bank sold between 1993 and 2016.
     Mechanical Recording Savings Banks Union Manufacturing & Agency Company advertising page that was in February 18th, 1907 issue of Australian ENTERPRISE Magazine.
     World's Fair Magic catalog page from 1883 Selchow and Righter jobber catalog.
     Beehive and Trunk Registering catalog page from 1883 Selchow and Righter jobber catalog.
     Bull Dog Bank on 1989 Postcard by San Diego Trust & Savings Bank, where money matters. . . but people count.
     Uncle Sam Bank on 1989 Postcard by San Diego Trust & Savings Bank, where money matters. . . but people count.
     1976 - John Wright, Inc. v Casper Corp. - Law suit over reproductions of Book of Knowledge reproductions.
     1978 - John Wright Inc awarded $62,500 in damages from Casper Corp.
     1994 - Mary G. Roebling, Biography.
     1993 - Little Known Mechanical Banks, by Edward A. Brown III, Antiques & Collecting, May 1993.

             We are saddened to report that Dr. Anthony R. Haradin passed away on Aug. 26, 2016.  Along with his family, he was an active MBCA member since 1979 and welcomed members to his home during the 1994 and 2008 MBCA conventions.
     We extend our deepest sympathy to his wife, family, and friends.
April 26, 2016
    It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Jim Rocheleau, after a very long battle with cancer.
     Jim was an active member of the M.B.C.A. since 1982.
We extend our sincerest sympathy to his family and friends.

Added to the MBCA web between Oct. 01, 2015 and Jan. 28, 2016

Mechanical Bank Notes by Sy Schreckinger from ANTIQUE TOY WORLD magazine.
August 1982 through December 2014
(thirty-two years, 386 magazine articles,
780 pages, 271112 words).
Members pages
The Donal Markey Collection, MBCA Booklet, published April 2014, PDF.
2014   April BANKER,  PDF
2014   August BANKER PDF
2014   December BANKER PDF

January 28, 2016
    It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Marilyn Steckbeck. With her husband Steve, she joined the MBCA in 1970, hosted our 1981, 1992, and 2007 conventions and gathered one of the finest collections of antique mechanical banks that has ever existed (sold at auction in 2007).
We extend our sincerest sympathy to Steve, family, and friends.

Added to the MBCA web between Sept. 19, 2014 and Oct. 01, 2015

Edison Institute Herald - Mechanical Toy Banks, Joan Apesech, Nov. 1, 1946,
Wireless Bank, Advertising - John B. Varick Co., No 22 1929,
Old Mill Savings Bank, advertising, The Youth's Companion, July 1886,
1989 Uncle Sam Postcard, San Diego Trust & Savings Bank, from Thomas W. Sefton collection.
Links to M.B.C.A. member Jack Allen's mechanical bank videos on YouTube
TheBankCollector) were added to home page and links page.

September 29, 2015
    It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Ken Knops on Sept. 26th at age 91.
     Ken was a significant contributor to the MBCA. Joining in 1976, he served as President from 1981 through 1983, Director & Treasurer, was Editor of THE BANKER between 1982 and 1985 and hosted our annual Convention in 1988.
We extend our sincerest sympathy to his wife, family, and friends.

Added to the MBCA web between June 14, 2014 and September 19, 2014

1926 - Uncle Sam's Registering Savings Banks - Brochure and Postcard
1930's - James C. Jones - Thrift of 'Good Old Days', Article
1976 - Banks, Making A Game of Moneysaving - Encyclopedia pages
1978 - Banking Haze and Daze,  Antique Toy World, Oct. 1978

Antique Showcase - Canada's National Antique Magazine, October 1998, the Stan Sax sale of Mechanical Banks.
Advertising from Maeshall Field & Co. Illustrated Catalog of TOY BANKS (1893): Worlds Fair (Columbus), Organ Grinder and Dancing Bear, Presto, and Professor Pug Frog. Advertisement from HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, November 1950, Sonny Boy.

Members pages
2013   April BANKER,  PDF
2013   August BANKER PDF
2013   December BANKER PDF

September 19, 2014
     It is with great sadness that we note the passing of
Sy Schreckinger.

     Sy was a significant contributor to our hobby and will
be missed by all. He was the author of monthly in depth mechanical bank articles in Antique Toy World magazine from 1982 through 2014, an active member of MBCA since 1971, a friend, a respected dealer, and cast iron restoration specialist.
      We extend our sincerest sympathy to his wife, family, and friends.


Added to the MBCA web between Sept. 04, 2013 and June 14, 2014

Weedens Plantation - TRIFETS Monthly Galaxy of Music, 1893 Adv.

Burglar Proof Safe - Suplee Hardware Company, 1906 Adv.
Pay Phone Bank - Riemann, Seabrey Co., 1926 Toy Fair Adv.
Frog on Rock, Rabbit in Cabbage,
Owl, Slot in Head/Book - H.H. Tammen Co., 1936 Adv.

1936 - Inventor's Handbook on Patents - excerpt - 728kb pdf.
1973 - Patent Models recall creativity of  early America - 1303kb pdf.

1952-1953 John Meyer audio recordings describing acquisition of his Freedman and Baby Elephant banks.

Make a Wooden Mechanical Bank - Savings Bank Filled by Efficient "Cashier"
THE ANTIQUE TRADER, February, 5, 1974, OLD CAST IRON BANKS: Careful Collecting
Collectors' SHOWCASE, Jul/Aug 1982, SPIZE A MULE banks by Bill Norman
Coasting Bank  -  Auction - Nov. 2013, 2013 Press Release 557k pdf,  

Members only search page stopped working. Front Page active components are no longer supported by web host, set old search page to show A-Z index of member only web content (March 03, 2014).

(below was posted after 2013 convention, removed May 19, 2014 after articles in Banker)
WARNING:  Be extremely careful when purchasing wood boxes
 that are currently available from various sources, some are faked.

See two articles in April BANKER (in the mail the week of April 2, 2014).

Added to the MBCA web between Feb. 03, 2013 and Sep. 03, 2013
Pay Phone Bank advertising image from 1926 Riemann, Seabrey Co., jobber catalog, page 70.
Butler Bros, 1910 advertising images (catalog page 32) for Calamity (Football), William Tell, Bad Accident, and Teddy and the Bear.

1948   Meyer shows Vicky's brother, Lawrence, how to operate one of the 200 banks.
Reproduction Banks advertised in TRUE THE MAN'S MAGAZINE Nov. 1961.
Reproduction Banks advertised by F.A.O. Schrarz Christmas, 1962.

1980  They Pay Big Money For Banks, P.B. Auction,  Miami Herald.

Members pages
Boy on Trapeze *Calibration* by John Feather
1969  Convention Minutes

1970  Convention Minutes
1981  Workshop - Economic Outlook for bank collecting as an investment

1981  Convention Minutes
1991  Convention Minutes
2012   Banker Questionnaire, PDF
2012   April BANKER,  PDF
2012   August BANKER PDF
2012   December BANKERPDF

Added to the MBCA web between June 16, 2012 and January 28, 2013 
1968 Old Mechanical Banks - Mark Haber, Manuscript,

1956 One Penny for the Show! -
American Home Magazine,

1933 What About the Banks? -  The American Legion Monthly, Article
- information
        about banks in 1933 that you will not see elsewhere on the M.B.C.A. web.
1959 Scans of Calumet Baking Powder Jobber Want Book - photo of 3 Calumet banks.
1976 Sears Catalog - Americana Mechanical Benny Banks, 13 copies of original banks,
        and 1 copied from previous reproduction.
1978 - "Mechanical Bank" News Report,
Antique Toy World Article.
197 Banking Ways and Daze - Antique Toy World Article.

1980 - Banks bring big money, P. B. Auction, Antique Toy World Article.
Auction prices were updated and include the Al Winick collection (98 lots sold for $1,491,201).


Members pages
2012 Convention Questionnaire,

Added to the MBCA web between March 3, 2012 and June 16, 2012 

Corby - Many Events Reflected by Penny Banks - 1940


Habit of Thrift Once Made Fun - 1942


Ina Bellows book Review - 1940


PENNY BANKS - 1977 book review by Heidi Berry


J. & E. Stevens Co. 1851 advertisement


Jerome B. Secor - 1880 advertisement


Edward S. Coe dies in 1926


Miscellaneous J. & E. Stevens articles and agreements


Hall's Excelsior bank advertising flier

Warman's 12th Antiques and their Prices from 1975

Scans of proof prints from printers blocks for


Cat and Mouse


Chief Big Moon


Gem Registering


Hen and Chick


Perfection Registering


Professor Pug Frog


Jolly N.


Punch and Judy



Scans from original 1927 advertising pages for


Monkey, Trick Dog


Elephant Pull Tail


Frog on Rock, Owl Slot in Book, Rabbit in Cabbage


Uncle Sam Register Banks


Montgomery Ward Advertising from 1890 for


Santa Claus, Jolly N, Speaking Dog, Uncle Sam, and Trick Dog 6 part base

Members Section Additions Include:

2011 MBCA BANKERS from April (pdf), August (pdf), and December (pdf)

2012 MBCA Convention Handout


J. & E. Stevens Co. - Sales & Payroll, Cromwell CT, etc. (3,189k PDF)

List of MBCA member names from 1970 and 1990 "Directory Of Members" (addresses, phone, Email, etc. are not included), 1961 and 1980 were previously posted.

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