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John D. Meyer, Old Mechanical Penny Banks, 1952 Handbook, Banks 241-245

Meyer-241-243.jpg (15678 bytes)

No. 241. Wishbone Bank — Sambo and Dinah split the wishbone. When coin is placed in the V of the wishbone and the lever is pressed it passes through and into the apron of Dinah. Stevens. $xxxxxx

No. 242. Old Woman in Shoe — A low heeled wide toed shoe. Shoe is between the old high top and present low oxford type. Torn holes in various parts of the shoe. Six children are clinging to the shoe at different places. The Old Woman is sitting in the top of the shoe dressed in a yellow dress and wearing an old-fashioned sun bonnet. In her left hand she brandishes a stick at a little boy who is climbing up the front of the shoe. The slot for the coin is at the front of the woman. The words "Pat. June 5 – November 27, 1883" on the edge of the sole on the left side. $xxxxxx

No. 243. Woodpecker — Outside is tin, representing a bird house. Clocklike mechanism inside. You wind up with a crank and it plays a tune. Place the coin in a slot in the perch and the woodpecker sticks his head out through the hole and picks up the coin and takes it into the bird house. A rather crude looking bank. About 12" high. $225.00

Meyer-244-245.jpg (11576 bytes)

No. 244. World’s Fair Bank — When spring is released an Indian appears through the base and offers a pipe of peace to Columbus. Name "Worlds Fair Bank" on base. Also called Columbus Bank. Variety, some have no name. October 10, 1893. 506619. Stevens. $45.00 ($15.00 in 1939)

No. 245. Zoo — A flat replica of a building. A monkey peers out of an upper window. When you push head back through the window the shutters of the two lower windows fly open, disclosing two other animal’s heads. On the back it says "Zoo Bank, Press the Monkey." A very small bank. $75.00 ($20.00 in 1939)


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