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HOBBIES Magazine Articles — 1960 through 1969
Mechanical, Electrical, and Scientific Antiques / Old Mechanical Banks


Jan.. 1960 Darky Fisherman Bank
Feb. 1960 Tommy Bank
Mar. 1960 Presto Savings Bank (wood & paper)
Apr. 1960 Little Jocko Musical Bank
May 1960 Bowing Man in Cupola Bank
Jun. 1960 Bird on the Roof Bank
Jul. 1960 Squirrel & Tree Stump Bank
Aug. 1960 Penny Pineapple Bank
Sep. 1960 Safety Locomotive Bank
Oct. 1960 Peg-Leg Beggar Bank
Nov. 1960 Royal "Trick" Elephant Bank
Dec. 1960 Hoop-La Bank
Jan. 1961 Frog on Arched Track Bank
Feb. 1961 Atlas Bank
Mar. 1961 Giant in Tower Bank
Apr. 1961 Smyth X-Ray Bank
May 1961 Clown Bank
Jun. 1961 Bull and Bear Bank
Jul. 1961 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Aug. 1961 Snake and Frog in Pond Bank
Sep. 1961 Mechanical Banks - Repairs & Ramblings
Oct. 1961 Old Mechanical Banks - New Finds
Nov. 1961 Monkey and Parrot Bank
Dec. 1961 Pistol Bank
Jan. 1962 Jumbo Bank
Feb. 1962 The First Hundred Mechanical Banks, index
Mar. 1962 Guessing Bank
Apr. 1962 Pump and Bucket Bank
May. 1962 Circus Ticket Collector Bank
Jun. 1962 Hen and Chick Bank
Jul. 1962 Schley Bottling Up Cervera Bank
Aug. 1962 Bank of Education and Economy
Sep. 1962 Mechanical Bank Ramblings; Jolly N Moves Ears
Oct. 1962 Mechanical Bank Ramblings; Feed the Kitty
Nov. 1962 National Bank
Dec. 1962 Grenadier Bank; Volunteer Bank
Jan. 1963 Boy Robbing Bird's Nest Bank
Feb. 1963 Bailey's Banks
Mar. 1963 J. & E. Stevens Co.
Apr. 1963 Bucking Mule, miniature
May. 1963 Monkey and Coconut
Jun. 1963 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Jul. 1963 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Aug. 1963 Weeden's Plantation Savings Bank
Sep. 1963 Mechanical Bank Ramblings; Watch Bank; Weeden's Plantation
Oct. 1963 Elephant & Three Clowns on Tub
Nov. 1963 Zoo Bank
Dec. 1963 Mechanical Bank Ramblings; Ding Dong Bell; 10c Adding
Jan. 1964 A Tribute to Frank Ball; An Interesting Discovery
Feb. 1964 Jonah and the Whale Bank
Mar. 1964 Leap-Frog Bank
Apr. 1964 Boy Scout Bank
May. 1964 Starkie's Pat. No. 152,588; Jolly N. Moves Ears
Jun. 1964 Magician Bank
Jul. 1964 Mason Bank
Aug. 1964 Two New Discoveries - Negro Bust, tin; Sentry Bank, tin
Sep. 1964 Mammy and Child Bank
Oct. 1964 Bill E. Grin
Nov. 1964 Cat and Mouse Bank
Dec. 1964 Pelican Bank
Jan. 1965 Boy on Trapeze Bank
Feb. 1965 Clown on Globe Bank
Mar. 1965 Chief Big Moon Bank
Apr. 1965 Paddy and the Pig Bank
May. 1965 Bad Accident Bank
Jun. 1965 Darktown Battery Bank
Jul. 1965 Uncle Sam Bank
Aug. 1965 Home Bank
Sep. 1965 Boys Stealing Watermelons Bank
Oct. 1965 Freedman's Bank
Nov. 1965 Bear Standing Bank, slot in chest
Dec. 1965 Monkey with Tray; Cross Legged Minstrel
Jan. 1966 Coin Registering Bank
Feb. 1966 Uncle Tom
Mar. 1966 Bull Dog Standing; Bear and Tree Stump
Apr. 1966 World's Fair Bank
May. 1966 Three Musical Savings Banks
Jun. 1966 Teddy and the Bear Bank
Jul. 1966 Advertising Cards
Aug. 1966 Indian and Bear Bank
Sep. 1966 New Bank
Oct. 1966 Indian and Bear Card
Nov. 1966 Calumet Bank
Dec. 1966 Santa Claus Bank
Jan. 1967 Fourth Musical Savings Bank
Feb. 1967 Mary Roebling Bank
Mar. 1967 Kick Inn Bank
Apr. 1967 Organ Bank, miniature
May. 1967 Bureau Bank; Freedman's Bureau Bank; Give Me a Penny Bank- Part I
Jun. 1967 Bureau Bank; Freedman's Bureau Bank; Give Me a Penny Bank- Part II
Jul. 1967 Elephant with Tusks on Wheels
Aug. 1967 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Sep. 1967 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Oct. 1967 Seek Him Frisk Bank
Nov. 1967 Bureau Bank, Serrill "Pat. App. for"
Dec. 1967 Three U.S. Banks
Jan. 1968 Magie Bank
Feb. 1968 Transvaal Money Box
Mar. 1968 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Apr. 1968 "Type" Mechanical Banks
May. 1968 Robot Bank
Jun. 1968 Darky Bust
Jul. 1968 Mechanical Bank Ramblings
Aug. 1968 L. C. Hegarty, Collector
Sep. 1968 Gem Bank
Oct. 1968 Some Recent "Finds", Try Your Weight; Signal Cabin
Nov. 1968 Lucky Wheel Money Box; Little Hi-Hat
Dec. 1968 Fortune Teller Savings Bank; 5c Adding Bank
Jan. 1969 Butting Goat, tree stump; Boy and Bull Dog, dog charges boy
Feb. 1969 World's Banker Bank
Mar. 1969 Clown and Dog Bank
Apr. 1969 Football Bank
May. 1969 Indian Chief Bank; Magic Safe Bank
Jun. 1969 Signal Cabin Bank
Jul. 1969 Still Banks, Six Sided Building; Country Bank, Bears and Beehive
Aug. 1969 Chronometer Bank
Sep. 1969 Time Lock Savings Bank
Oct. 1969 Chein Mechanical Banks
Nov. 1969 Modern Mechanical Banks
Dec. 1969 Mickey Mouse Bank
1950's F. H. Griffith, HOBBIES Articles
1970's F. H. Griffith, HOBBIES Articles
1980's F. H. Griffith, HOBBIES Articles


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