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Thrifty Tom’s Jigger Bank & Dapper Dan Bank
by F.H. Griffith - HOBBIES Magazine - September, 1970

70-09a.JPG (11659 bytes)Two tin banks that have the same action, a figure doing a jig, are chosen at this time for the numerical classification. Thrifty Tom’s Jigger Bank is No. 183 and Dapper Dan No. 184. Both banks have lively action on the insertion of a coin and this action is sustained for a reasonable length of time. Once again we have an entirely different type of animation than on any of the other mechanical banks covered so far. However this type action, jigging was used in numbers of toys over the years and now and then it is still utilized.

Thrifty Tom, Figure 1, has all the information we need right on the bottom of the bank. In large black letters appears — "Thrifty Tom’s Jigger Bank," "Trademark," under this "The Ferdinand Strauss Corp New York U.S.A." Under this "U.S. Pat" May 24, 1910, October 15, 1918. Other Patents Pending." It’s a sheer pleasure to have a mechanical bank with all the information right on the bank itself.

Figure 2 shows the top of the box-like platform on which Thrifty Tom does his jig. It is of considerable interest since it depicts different U.S. coins this is lithographed in color as is the rest of the bank.

Colors are as follows: The base is predominantly light blue, the decorative front section with the name has a black background and lettering is in yellow, white and blue. The beehive is also yellow and blue. The back of the bank is the same as the front. Thrifty Tom has a brown hat with wide yellow brim, green jacket, red vest, brown polka dot tie, and white and light blue shirt. His trousers are yellow with black, and his shoes are black. All in all a very colorful bank.

70-09b.JPG (34242 bytes)To operate, the bank is first wound by means of a key. Then a coin is dropped into the provided slot in the base, Figure 2. Tom goes into a very lively jig and continues until the mechanism is unwound. Coins are removed by means of a door-like section in one end of the bank.

Dapper Dan, Figure 3, with some differences is pretty much the same story as Thrifty Tom. It too has all the information we need on the bottom of the bank. This is as follows: "Dapper Dan," under this "Coon Jigger Bank," under this "The Jigging Banker." Then in red letters, "Licensed and Manufactured under ‘Letters Patent’ U.S. Pat. May 24, 1910 other Patents pending." The manufacturer is then shown "Louis Marx & Co., 200 5th Ave., New York, U.S.A." The Marx trademark appears on the bottom.

70-09c.JPG (10501 bytes)This bank is also lithographed in color. The base is black with the front and back in colors. As shown in Figure 3, various people are around an entrance-way. The background is red, the entrance yellow, signs on each side of the entrance are white with red and black lettering. The people are in black, white and red. Dapper Dan has a button on his right coat front with the wording "Porter" in red and yellow. He wears a blue hat, red jacket with yellow vest, white shirt, and red polka dot tie. His trousers are blue with white stripes. Like Thrifty Tom, this is another colorful bank.

Dapper Dan operates as Thrifty Tom and coins are removed in the same manner. Both banks, as mentioned previously, are sort of different than the other mechanicals and they make a very interesting pair to have in a collection.

Thrifty Tom is from the Mosler collection and Dapper Dan the writer’s collection.


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