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Wireless Bank
by F.H. Griffith - HOBBIES Magazine - September, 1976

Please refer to the September, 1975, issue of HOBBIES and the article on the Wireless Bank appearing, Page 55. At the time this article was written the writer could not find the original box for his example of the bank. He was sure when he bought the bank quite a few years ago that it was in its original box. He finally found it packed away and the box and instruction sheet are important from an informational standpoint showing the manufacturer, informative instructions pertaining to the bank and its proper operation.

To begin with, the box has a fine large, colored label on the top lid. The name, The Wireless Bank, along with a bolt of lightning appear on the label as well as a picture of the front of the bank. Most important, under the picture of the bank appears the following:


Sole Mfg. and selling rights under Christian Berger’s Patents of March 11, 1913, November 10, 1914, December 19, 1916, September 24, 1918 and February 7, 1922.

A 4 x 6" instruction card numbered 21489 was originally packed in the box with the bank. This card has stamped diagonally across the face in red letters: ‘IMPORTANT READ’. The card is particularly helpful to all collectors owning a Wireless Bank. We quote from this card as follows:

No. 21489

One of the famous Teletoys manufactured and sold only by The JOHN HUGO MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 60-62 Franklin Street, New Haven, Conn., under C. E. Bergers’ patents of March 11, 1913, November 10, 1914, December 19, 1916, September 24, 1918, and February 7, 1922, which rights will be fully protected.

Directions for Operating

1. Place Bank on level surface. 2. Turn coin holder which is on top of bank over until it rests on the electro magnet, where it should stay. 3. Place coin, (one, five, ten or 25 cent piece) gently on coin holder, without jarring Bank, being sure that edge of coin rests against the two projections on coin holder. 4. Coin holder being in position call loudly: GO, CASH, or any appropriate word, or CLAP THE HANDS and to your surprise the money will be deposited in the bank.


Do not leave coin holder in contact when not in use, as it runs down the battery, the current is turned on only when the coin holder rests on the electro magnet. It is important that the Bank should not be left in this condition when not in use as it wastes the current.


All the electric parts of this toy except the battery, last indefinitely and the battery has ample power to operate the toy many thousand times, proved by actual tests. The battery is of standard size and can be replaced by any dealer in flashlights, or will be sent by us Parcel Post Prepaid upon receipt of ten 2c stamps.

To replace the battery, simply remove old battery and place new one in pocket, being careful that top and bottom of battery form connections with brass holders. Batteries sometimes come a little short , if so, simply bend end holders so that battery will bear on both ends.

When replacing battery, be sure that contact points at bottom and top of battery are clean. Scraping with a knife blade will assure this.

Should Bank not work properly, first, clean contact points on outside of the ends of the Bank by rubbing amulet against stationary wires, next rub finger over end of magnet on roof of Bank and also on contact space on coin holder.

To unlock Bank use one of the keys, and you will find on turning the key in the key-hole on bottom of Bank, that the door will sprint out, thus enabling you to remove the money. To lock, simply spring door back in place, being sure key is not in keyhole.


Also, a small envelope containing a key was enclosed. We quote from the printed information on the envelope:


Before using, unlock bottom of bank with key contained herein, after which take battery out of money chamber and place in battery pocket being sure that terminals press firmly against Brass tip and bottom of battery.

As one can readily see, the box and instructions sheet for the Wireless are particularly helpful both as to background information and hints as to proper operation.


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