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Rabbit In Cabbage - Frog On Rock
by F.H. Griffith - HOBBIES Magazine - February, 1979

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Two rather interesting and quite small mechanical banks are our choice at present to occupy No. 274 and No. 275 in the numerical classification. The Rabbit In Cabbage is No. 274 and the Frog On Rock No. 275.

These two banks were made by the same company, namely the Kilgore Manufacturing Com-pany of Westerville, Ohio. Cap pistols were their main line of toys, however, during 1926 they in-troduced a series of four mechanical banks - an Owl bank in two types, a Frog, Rabbit, and the rare Turtle Bank. Of the four the Turtle was obviously made in very limited quantities, for one rea-son or another, as compared to the other three.

With respect to the four banks, we have an unusual circumstance - they were designed and modeled by a woman, M. Elizabeth Cook. In her time she was an artist and sculptress.
Each bank had its own individual name, the Frog On Rock was Jug-O-Rum; the Rabbit In Cab-bage was Flop-Ears; the Owl, Blinky; and the Turtle, Pokey.

The banks were originally packed in small cardboard boxes and now and then one of them is found today in its original box. Each box, for each of the four banks, had a poem thereon. For ex-ample, the Rabbit In Cabbage box carries the following poem or verse:

"Flop-Ears the Rabbit hops around
Lifting his ears for every sound
He sees Blinky the Owl, high in an Oak
And hears the Frog, Jug-O-Rum croak,
And wonders if Pokey, the Turtle, so slow,
Can catch up with him, if he hops real slow.
Flop-Ears the thoughtful Rabbit
Says 'Get The Saving Habit' "

The Rabbit In Cabbage shown, Figure 1, is in mint condition. A coin placed in the slot in his back causes his ears to lift. Colors are a two tone green base and cream colored rabbit with brown accents. The eyes are red with black pupils. This bank was found in its original box.

The Frog On Rock, Figure 2, is also in mint condition. Press the small front lever and he opens his mouth to receive the coin. Colors are a good shade of green on the frog with orange on his webbed feet and under his mouth. His eyes are white outlined with black and black pupils. His lips are also outlined in black. The front rock formation is mottled red and brown.

Each bank has the same type nickel plated key locking coin trap.


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