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ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine August, 1982
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ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine August, 1982

Mosler Collection Sold
The sale of the Edwin H. Mosler, Jr., Mechanical and Still Bank collection was held in New York, June 2nd and 3rd.

by Stephen A. Steckbeck
 Ed was truly a philanthropist. As a hobbyist, he assembled the finest known collection of banks in the world. Ed was a gentle person who considered feelings of others first, and collecting second. It comes as no surprise that even at the end of his life he planned for his fellow collectors.
     While the blizzards of '82 reached from the Rockies to New England, and cold gripped New York, Ed was making plans. He first advised his long time friend and confidant, Donal Markey that he had decided to privately dispose of the collection. Don agreed to help price and assist Ed in the ensuing liquidation. It was the hope of Ed Mosler that he could place a bank on every collectors shelf. This private sale started on February 22nd. Mr. Mosler summoned collectors to his office one by one and offered them certain banks that he felt would enhance their collection. His mind was keen, he was happy, cheerful and prophetic. This sale lasted less than two weeks due to Ed's failing health. March 20th Edwin H Mosler, Jr. died. His last wishes were that the balance of the banks would be sold at public sale.
     On June 2nd and 3rd, 1982, the public sale was held at the Mosler office in the Statler Hotel, New York City. In a two day period, an unbelievable eight hundred mechanicals and still banks were sold. Collectors showed up at the Statler Hotel days before the sale to be assured a good position at the head of the line. On June 2nd, those waiting were issued numbers. Prospective buyers were ushered into the main office according to their numbers in groups of about ten, where they were allowed to examine and purchase the banks of their choice. All in all, the sale was very orderly. As expected, the rare and more glamorous mechanicals were sold by the end of the first hour.
     The first bank sold was the Bread Winner. Other rare banks sold in rapid succession were Mikado, Germania Exchange, Giant, John Bull, Shoot the Chute, Regina Musical, and a number of rare patterns and many others.
 Inside the office area collectors looked over the remaining banks like children in a candy store thinking and examining, deciding and at last purchasing the bank of their choice. There were so many smiling faces. Everyone felt great! Some may have been disappointed that they didn't get all they wanted, but no one should have been unhappy.
     For those who wish to purchase a bank from the remaining inventory, there is good news! Donal Markey will conduct a private sale on the remaining stock by phone or by appointment in Mr. Mosler's office. The fine collection of Bell toys and horse drawn vehicles will be held in September and no doubt will be another memorable occasion.
     Those who were not privileged to know Ed might better understand his philosophy of life and collecting by reflecting on the words of George Bernard Shaw, who said, "This is how God would have done it, if he had the time and money."

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