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J. & E. Stevens Co. Barking Dog aka Watch Dog Safe
Agreement with Charles M. Henn    December 13, 1888

Agreement by and between Chas. M. Henn of Chicago, Illinois of the first part, and The J. & E. Stevens Co., of Cromwell, Conn. of the second part.
     Said Chas. M. Henn being the owner of a certain invention known as the Barking Dog Combination Lock Toy Safe for which an application for letters patent is to be filed, hereby agrees to lease to the said The J. & E. Stevens Co. on account of the consideration herein named, his entire interest in the said invention for the term of fifteen (15) years from the date of said patent. Said The J. & E. Stevens Co. hereby agree to pay to said Chas. M. Henn as royalty for the use of said invention the sum of forty five cents (45c) for each dozen of said safes by them manufactured and sold. Returns to be made Jan 1 and July 1st of each year. They further agree to use their best efforts to extend the sale of said toys, and if requested to exhibit to the inspection of the said Chas. M. Henn, their books containing the record of such sales. It is further agreed that should the said The J. & E. Stevens Co. at any time persistently fail to comply with the conditions of this contract, all rights under said patent shall thereupon revert to the said Chas. M. Henn.
Dec, 13, 1888     John Peter                   Chas M. Henn
                         Henry Steinhaus
          Witness        Thomas Kinsella
                              Robert S. Griswold
                                                      The J. & E. Stevens Co.
                                                             E. S. Coe, Tr

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