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J. & E. Stevens Co., Cromwell, CT
Foundry Employee Earnings
1901 to 1904

     These statistics  were compiled from the original ledger used by the J. & E. Stevens Co. to record foundry employee pay between October of 1901 and September of 1904. Data was from a total of 22,768 worker days as posted in the 12½" x 8" x 2" ledger.
     Between October of 1901 and September of 1904 the J. & E. Stevens Co. foundry had an average of 31 employees working from Monday through Saturday. Average daily pay was $1.92 ($11.52 week, $38.82 month). Foundry payroll during this period averaged $1215.00 per month.
     In 1901 they did not work the 1st week of October and the last week of December. In 1902 they did not work the first week in January, the last week of February, and between July 3rd and July 15th.
     The payroll ledger lists employee name, month, year, days worked, name or reference number for what they were producing, number of match molds produced, and the weight of good parts produced. Many foundry workers produced the same cap pistol every day for weeks while other employees were producing different parts for various banks and toys. Some worked on as many as twelve different items in a month. Cap pistols of various styles were the most common production items between 1901 and 1904.
     It appears that most workers were paid based on the weight of good parts produced each month. Workers completed about 100 match molds each day with lows near 25 and highs around 130. Each match mold could earn the worker between 1¼¢ and 2½¢. For example, in April of 1903, Nels Peterson worked 20 days, did 1863 match molds for Cap Pistol parts (93 each day), produced 21,197 good parts (12 per mold with 6% scrap), and was paid $43.07 for 1763 pounds of cap pistol parts. On the rare occasions that wages were calculated at an hourly rate, they received 20¢ per hour or $2.00 for a 10 hour day.
     Items produced included: William Tell Castle Back, W. T. Boy, W. T. Boy Face & Apple, Artillery Hammer, Artillery Side, Artillery Arms, Artillery Platform, Artillery Sections, Colt Pistol, Six Shot, Salute R, OK Pistol, Dude L, Columbia R, Eagle Pistol, Dixie R, Speaking Dog Platform, Dog Face, Shovel, Freight Cars, Mule Rider, Kick Mule, #4 Safe, #10 Safe, #40 Safe Top, Jolly N., Nig Bottoms, J. N. Arms, Jolly Nig Skull, Tongue, Eaglets, Grass Hopper, Mule Leg, Mule Rider, Toy Cart Wheel, William Tell Face & Feet, #55 Door, Car Side, Small Skillet, Cabin Side, Cabin Roof & Bottom, Magician, Darkie Back & Arms, Adding Bank Top & Bottom, Bad Accident Donkey, Bad Accident Platform, Kicking Mule, Mule Rider, Indian Camp Platform, Wigwam Shell, Wigwam Squater & Pocket & Duck, Castle Back, Gem Door, Owl Front, Owl Back, Owl Face, Owl Lever, Bear Hunt, Bear Heads, Mortar, Frog Lever, Wigwam Lever, Gem Covers, Donkey Driver Back, # 34 Wheel, Scout, Rival Oven, New Eagle, Eagle Wings, Model R Pistols, Model L Pistols, Cadet, #4 Anchor, Cabin Cashier, Pluck Hammer, Acorn Hammer, Eagle Back, Eagle Crank, Eagle Shell, Dude Hammer, Jumbo, Clown Bottom, Clown Globe, Tamany Breast, Tamany Arms, Tamany Hands, Tamany Heads, Tamany Bottoms, Bear, Kettles, #117 Roof, Clown Platform, Locomotive, Prize Front & Back, Prize Top, Prize Covers, Small Frog, Jacks, Boy and Apple, Pigs, Acme, Two Monkeys on Pistol, Two Hole Stove Bottom, Acme D & O Back, Engine Bed, Cigar Clip, No. 103 Bank, Scout and Lion Hunter, Magician Lever, Magie Legs, #103 Bank, Odd Pieces, etc.
     Employees receiving pay for foundry work between October 1901 and August 1904 included: Antone Alquist, Frank Anderson, John Backe, August Balzner, John Balzner, John Beckie, Andrew Berry, Frederick Bohner, Jacob Bohner, Valentine Bohner, Edward Briggs, A. E. Burr, William Burr, Peter Bylow, Victor Carlson, Andrew Christien, Pat Cologne, Larry Daley, Tony Devita, Henry Drayer, Mikelly Duffy, August Eastman, Charles Eastman, Emanuel Eastman, W. Egan, William FitzPatrick, Anthony Fox, John Fraser, John Gaffney, Leo Geiser, Tony Gillette, Charles Goodrich, Charles Gustafson, Frank Haaz, Fred O. Hall, Stephen Hall, A. J. Hanks, Stephen Johnson, W. G. Keighley, William Kupper, James Leary, Charles Lincoln, Barb McKennie, Luciano Mariniillo, Cornelious Martin, William Mathison, Luke McAllister, Alfonso Nao, Charles Neff, Nels Lanbery Nielsen, T. O’Bryen, Andrew Olson, John Olson, Peter Overson, Edgar Pease, Nelson Peterson, Peter A. Peterson, C. F. Powers, John Powers, Mike Quinn, Juisepp Raille, Norbert Reissman, David Russell, Anthony Schuster, Thomas Shanley, Alfred Skoop, James Sloan, Frank Smith, John J. Smith, Bennett H. Spencer, Frederick Twenty, Charles Walsted, W. Weidmire, Frank Welch, Stephen Welch, James Wilson, and C. Yeagar.


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