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Ina Hayward Bellows,
East Lansing, Michigan

        It was little expected seven years ago that a great war would so change the economic conditions of the country to the extent it has. All prices on all commodities have taken an upward turn, including the mechanical bank. The sudden popularity of the penny bank, the condition of the country, the increase in new collections, the difficulty in finding these treasures, and the circulation of this little volume have all had their effect in producing this sudden demand for penny banks.
        There seems to be a variance of opinion as to the value of certain banks by some collectors and dealers. For the most part a happy medium as to value has been arrived at -- but, it will be noticed that the author has only placed an approximate valuation upon these banks. Each year, as certain banks become more rare, values will be changed perceptibly.
        It would be very unwise to place permanent values on any bank or commodity at the present time. However, a good many dealers and collectors throughout the country have asked for a guide as to prices -- hence the revised price list. Many banks that formerly were considered rare, have been found to be tobacco pouches, cigar cutters, or possibly stamp carriers. The wooden bank p.5l of this volume, is an example. It was at one time a prized possession of one of the late collectors.
        Variants of well-known banks have been unearthed the last year which should show us that the list of banks will be ever changing. Prices on banks of class C,D,E,F have gone up more than the first two classes. It will also be noticed that there is a half class which consists of a plus and minus when it is difficult to discriminate between bank prices that are in the same class.
While new banks continue to appear, this range of prices may be quite consistently followed in accordance with this classification. Regardless of the size of the book, it still remains the dependable guide.

                                                                       The Author
                                                                       Ina Hayward Bellows

            Class      Price Range
            "A"      $3.00 to $10.00
            "B"        10.00 to 15.00
            "C"        15.00 to 20.00
            "D"        20.00 to 30.00
            "E"        30.00 to 75.00
            "F"        75.00 plus

Acrobats - E
Administration - B
Afghanistan - E
Afghanistan Var. - E
Alligator - E
Alligator (tin trough) - E
Artillery (rare with helmet) - E
At the Circus Tent - E
Aunt Dinah ( good fairy) - E
Bad Accident - C+
Bank of Education - E
Bank of England - C
Barber - E
Barker Variants - E+
Barking Dog - C
Barrel w.Arms (chrome met.) - C
Barrel w. Arms - C+
(made of diff. met.)
Barrel (dime registering) - A
Barnyard Animals - E
Barney Google - E
Battleship Kentucky - C
Battleship Mass. -D
Bean Pot - B
Bean Pot - A (for nickels)
Dancing Bear (large) - D
Dancing Bear (small) - C
Beehive - C-
Bill E. Grin - D
Billy Goat - E
Bird on Roof - D+
Black Elephant -A (3 star)
( see also other eleph.)
Black Dog - A (semi)
Blacksmith - F
Bowery - E
Bowling Alley - F
Boy and Dcg - D
Boy Playing Marbles - F
Boy Robbing Bird's Nest - D+ :
Boy Scout - C
Boy Stealing Watermelon - D
Boy on Trapeze - B (tin) rare E+
British Lion - D (tin)
Bronze Dog - C+
Bucking Buffalo - D
Bucking Horse - E
Bucking Mule - C+
Bucking Ram - D+
Bull (movable horns)- D+ to E
Bull and Bear - D+
Bull and Bear Var. -E
Bull Dog - B P.26, Sec. P.120
jumping D+ to E
Bushel Basket - A
Bust of Boy - E
Butting Goat - C
Cabin Bank - A
Calamity - D+
Called Out - E
Camera - E
Carnival - F
Cart & Horse (not Mule) - E
Cat Clock - C
Cat and Mouse - E Var.- E+
Chapmans Bank - E
Charging Bull - F
Charley Nickerbocker - D
Chief Big Moon - C
Chimpanzee - D
Chinaman with Rat on Tray - E
Chinese Kneeling Beggar
(movable head) - E
Chronometer - C - D
Circular Cupola - D+ (semi)
Circus Ticket Taker - E
Civil War Soldier - E
Clock Registry - A+
Clown on Globe - C
Clown on Elephant - D
Clown on Trapeze - D
Colored Mammy and Child - C+
Confectionery - D+
Creedmore - A
Croquet Player - E
Cross-legged Minstrel (tin) - B
Cupola (rising) - E
Cuban Soldier - E
Dark Town Battery - C
Darky Eating Watermelon - E
Darky in Cabin - A
Darky on Stump - E, Variants - E
Darky Sitting - E
Darky on Trapeze - E
Darky w. Violin - D
Darky Miniature on Trapeze - E
Dentist Bank - D+
(has 5 variants) - D+ to E
Dinah Bank (female bust) - D
Dinah hat - E
Variant w. pressed steel arm - D+
Dinah w. Hat - E
Ding Dong Bell - E
Dog Tray - E
Dog (at Safe Door) - B
Dog on Turn-table - A
Doll's Head - D
Eagle & Eaglets - A
Eccentric Head - C
Electric - B+
Electric Alarm - A+
Elephant (brass trunk and ears) - B-
Elephant Throws Coin-Jumbo - B-
Elephant (Larger Jumbo) - C-
Elephant w. Howdah - B
(locked) - C
Elephant Large w. Howdah (rare) - D - E
English Tobacco Bank - E
Feed the Kitty - E
Ferris Wheel - E+, (variant) - F
Flat Iron Building (semi) - A
Fort "Long may it wave" - F
Football Players - F (not Calamity)
Fortune Teller - D+, (variant) - E
Forty-niner (found to be a cigar cutter) -?
Fowler - D
Freedman - F
Freedman Variant (may have had legs
at one time) - E
Frog & Serpent - E
Frog on Curved Track - E+
Frog on Lattice - A
Frog on Rock - A+
Frog w. tiny Turtle - B
G.A.R. - E
Gem (printed name) - B
Gem (no name) - B-
Gem Butler (semi) - B
German Band - D
Germania Exchange - F
Giant with Club - F
Girl in Victoria Chair -
Girl Rolling Hoop - E
Girl Skipping Rope - E+
Globe Bank - D
Goat & Frog - E
Grenadier - E
Hall's Excelsior - A, (variant) - A+
Hall's Lilliput - E, (variant) - B+
Harlequin Clown & Columbine - F
Hindu - F
Hold the Fort - D
Home Bank - B-
Home Bank (tin) issues receipt - C
Hoopla - E
Horse Race - D+
Horse Race (Two Sulkeys) - E
Horse (throws coin in manger) - A+
Humpty Dumpty - B-
Hungry Frog - E
Hungry Pelican -C+ (variant) D-
Eight Variants - D-
Independence (bldg) - B-
Independence Hall - A
Indian & Bear - B+
Independence Tower - A
Initiation - E+
Jack on House - D
Japanese Ball Thrower - D
Jigger - C
John Bull - E
Joe Socko (tin) - D+
Jolly Nigger - A (regular)
Jolly Nigger Butterfly tie - D+
Jolly Nigger (aluminum) - B
Jolly Nigger - C (no tie)
Jolly Nigger - E (moves ears)
Jolly Nigger - E+ (with high hat)
Other Variants - C to E
1. Jonah & Whale - D+ (with Jonah)
2. Jonah & Whale - C (w. boat)
3. Jonah with feet - E+
4. Jonah & Whale, w. other lettering - D
(lettering at base different)
Jumbo on Wheels - C
Jumbo tiny - D+ (nods)
Jumping Bull Frog - D
Keene - B
Kicking Mule - B
Kick Inn (wooden) - D
Kneeling Chinese Beggar - D (variant) - D
Kodak - E+
Large Standing Rabbit - C+
Small Standing Rabbit - C
Leap Frog - E
Liberty Bell - D (memorial)
Light House - D to E
Lilliput - B
Lilliput - B to C (without coat tails)
Lion & Monkey - B, - B (short stump)
Lion Chasing Monkey - B+
Lion Hunter - D+
Little Bo Peep - E
Little Joe - C+
Little Moe - D
Magic - C (old)
Magic - A (late)
Magician - C
Mail Box - A (semi)
Mammy Katzenjammer - E
Man in Chair - F
Man in Frock Coat - E
Man on Chimney - A
Mason Bank - C+
Mass. Ship Combination - D
Mechanical Alms Box - F
Mechan. Bell - C
Mechan. Monkey - C (tin)
Mechan. Buffalo - D (turns tail)
Mechan. Scuttle - E
Menagerie - E
Merry Go Round - A (small, tin)
Merry Go Round - E - E+ (variant)
Mikado - E
Milking Cow - E
Miniature Bucking Goat - D+ ( var .) - D
Min. Bucking Mule - D+
Min. Bucking Ram - D
Miniature Owl - B
Minstrel - A (sticks out tongue)
Minstrel - A+ (without words in front)
Mirror House - A+
Miser (tobacco pouch, not a bank) -?
Modern Elephant - A
Mod. Trick Dog - A
Monkey & Coconut - D
Monkey & Organ Grinder - B-
Monkey & Parrot - D+
Monkey Runs on Roof - D+
Monkey ( small) - D
Moody & Sanky - E
Monopoly -E (or Honest Bread Winner, P.126 O.M.B.)
Mosque - D-
Mule Entering Barn - B
Music Hall - D
Musical Bank Little Joco - C+
Musical Bell - D (Centennial)
National Bank -C
New Bank (squ. bldg.) - C
North Pole - E
Novelty Bank - A
Old Woman in Shoe - F
Old Woman in Rocking Chair - E, 3 other variants -E
Football Player - E
Organ (large w. monkey) - B
Organ (small w. monkey) - B
Organ (large w. boy and. girl) - C+
Organ ( cat &, dog) -
Organ ( tiny w. monkey) - D+
Organ Grinder w. Bear - B-
Owl Bank - A (slot side)
Owl with Book - B
Owl with slot in head - B+
Paddy & his Pig - C
Panorama - E
Patronize the Blind - E
Peg Leg Beggar - D+
Peg Leg Darky - D+
Pelican w. man in mouth - C
Pelican (w. rabbit in mouth) - D
Performing Bears - E (two on trapeze)
Picture Gallery - D+
Pig w. movable tail - D+
Pig in Chair - C-
Ping Pong - E
Plantation - C+ (Weedons)
Preacher in Pulpit - E
Presto (rare) - E
Presto - A
Prof. Pug Frog - E
Pump & Bucket - D to E
Punch & Judy - B
Punch & Judy - B+ (large letters over theatre)
Rabbit on Cabbage - A
Race Course (tin) - D
Reclining Chinaman - D+
Sambo - C+
Red Riding Hood - E
Registering Cash Register - B-
Revolving World - A (semi)
Roller Skating Rink - E
Rooster - A+
Sambo bust - C
Sambo & Banjo (tin) - C
Santa Claus Chimney - C
Sgnta Claus - C
Saving Squirrel - D
Scotchman - D
Sea Serpent - D+
Sewing Machine - E+
Shoot the Chute - E+
Shooting Bank - E (Feather in Cap)
Silver Urn - F
Sitting Bear - C
Sitting Hen - D+
Sleigh Ride - E
Small Boy robbing Bird's Nest - D
Small Frog on Rock - A
Small 8-sided Bldg. - A
Small Monkey - C
Small Owl (slot in head) - C
Snake in Pond - E (sim. to Serpent)
Soldiers - E (Spanish & Cuban)
Speaking Dog - A+
S'pise Mule - B (Darky tips over throws coin out of mouth)
S'pise Mule - B+ (Mule kicks Darky)
Sportsman (fowler) - E
Square Safe - E (top opens, shows pictures)
Standing Bear - C (Coin on tongue)
Standing Dog - C+ (Coin on tongue, P.78, OMB)
Standing Rabbit, lg. - C-,
Standing Rabbit, sm. - B
Standing Bear - C+ (sent in chest)
Standing Squirrel - C
State Bank - A+
Statue of Liberty - B- (semi)
Steam Engine - D
Steer - B
Stump Speaker - C
Tabby Bank - A
Tall Man in Frock Coat - E
Tammany - A-, 8 variants - A+ (without words)
Tarmmany -A (before control in vented) ranging from A to A+
Teddy and Bear - B
Teddy & Bear - B+ (variant)
Telephone - B
Three Clowns & Elephant (small) - D
Three Bears - D
Three Monkeys - D
Three Pennies - D
Thrifty Tom - C
Toad in Captivity - F
Tin Boy on Trapeze - F
Trick Dog - A
Trick Donkey - B
Trick Elephant - B (variant)
Trick Pony - A (var.) - C
Trust (semi) - A
Toy Safe - A
Trolley Car - E
Turtle - E
Two Bull Frogs - B+ (one jumps)
Two-Faced Boy - E (wooden)
Uncle Remus Steals Chickens - E
Uncle Sam (tall) - B+
Uncle Sam (bust) - C to D
U.S. Bank - D to E
U.S. Bank (var.) -D
U.S. Cannon - D+
U.S. Grant (semi) - B- (historical)
Uncle Remus - D to E
Uncle Tom (bust) - C
Uncle Tom (immovable eyes) - C
Uncle Tom (turban) - E (action different)
Uncle Tom (2 stars) - C+
Uncle Tom - C+ (action like Jolly Nigger)
Uncle Tom - C+ (with yellow coat)
Uncle Tom - C+ D+ (with lever)
Uncle Tom - C+ (without coat lapels)
Wight Bank - E
William Tell - B- (with gun)
William Tell Creedmore - B+
William Tell Uses Crossbow - E
Wimbledon - E
Windmill ( registering, tin) - A
Winner - D+
Wireless - B-
Wishbone - E
Woodpecker - E (P. 60, OMB)
Woodpecker, No.2 - E
Wood Chopper - F
World Bank (Atlas Carrying Globe) - C
Wooden man with High hat - ?
Worlds Columbian Exposition - C, 2 variants, C+
World's Fair - C
X-Ray Bank - C+, - D
Zoo - C+ (var. ) - C+ to D+

         The name of Dr. A. Pendergast of Terre Haute, Indiana, is to be added to the list of contributors. His technical knowledge of the workings of mechanical Banks is surpassed by none. A great deal of credit is herewith given him. for his skilled knowledge and his assistance in this revision. The name of Jeanne McCartha is also to be added to the list of contributors.

Class A $3 - $18
Cla$s B $18 -$25
Class C $25 - $65 with plus and minus
Class D $65 - $100
Class E $100 - $200
Class F $200 + (let the collector set his goal)

        Sometimes a bank is not quite good enough to be placed in the upper class, and sometimes just on the edge of the next class; hence the minus and plus signs.

(Typographical error in original book:
Bull Dog classification should be B+,
Jolly Nigger should be A.
Bread Winner or Monopoly:
name omitted in classification
126 OMB, Picture P. 126)

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