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Bank Teller Bank
by F.H. Griffith - HOBBIES Magazine - September, 1951

51-09.JPG (15553 bytes)Collectors of mechanical banks will be interested in this unusual specimen. F.H. Griffith, who recently procured the bank writes:

"Dr. Corby is the only other collector to have one of these and he obtained his approximately fifteen years ago. This bank is one of the real rarities, and as you can see by the picture, in excellent condition. It operates perfectly. When you insert a coin in his extended left hand, he lowers his arm, drops the coin in the bank and nods his head. It was patented August 1, 1876 under patent number 180574 by Mr. Arthur C. Gould of Brookline, Mass. In the patent papers, copy of which I have, he calls the bank "Androidal or Automatic Cashier." The bank is made of cast iron with the exception of the left arm, which is made in two sections of a metal stamping. The grill work is black with colored trimming and the man has a black frock coat, gray trousers and skin colored face and hands.

"This bank is also known as the Tall Teller, Tall Man in Frock Coat Beside Three Sided Grill and Preacher In The Pulpit. However, I believe the name Bank Teller is the more proper name.

"I purchased the bank of Erwin H. Gold of Hollywood, California. I had three telephone conversations with him in order to obtain the bank and he informed me that he found the bank in Los Angeles, California.

"I am not certain what foundry made this bank, however, I feel sure it was made in New England and possibly by Stevens. A number of the mechanical banks whose action is caused by the weight of a coin were patented by a man named Hall and made by Stevens. These included Hall's Lilliput, Hall's Excelsior, Tammany and others."


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