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John D. Meyer, Old Mechanical Penny Banks, 1952 Handbook, Banks 121-135

Meyer_121-123.jpg (13562 bytes)

No. 121. Hen, Setting — When coin is inserted and spring released, a small chick emerges from under the hen, at the same time the hen’s head moves with a sort of clucking noise. Sometimes called "Hen and Chicken Bank." The big question is: Is the hen setting or sitting? Stevens. October 1, 1901. d35159. $75.00 ($35.00 in 1939)

No. 122. Hindu With Turban — Small bust exactly like Uncle Tom without lapels, has star. Head painted white, yellow turban with red tassel hanging down the side. Place coin on tongue, press lever in back of head, swallows coin and rolls eyes. Screw in left of back holds bank together. The turban and tassel are molded and a separate pattern from Uncle Tom was made. Words: Pat. January 24, 1882 on back. $200.00

No. 123. Hold the Fort — Small cannon mounted on a parapet, and shoots at a bull’s eye. The coin is placed in bull’s eye and when shot hits it, coin drops in. Two varieties — one bearing name "Hold the Fort," and one without the name. Flag mounted on staff. $150.00 ($25.00 in 1939)

Meyer_124-126.jpg (15342 bytes)

No. 124. Home — Building 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" high. In front is the door with small three-paned window on each side, the sides and back have two full length windows each. Three steps leading up to door. Small open Cupola on top of dormer roof. To operate you pull the door knob, the door revolves, discloses a grumpy old man standing there with his hands holding the lapels of his coat. Words "Home Bank" over door. Place the coin in slot in front of man and it disappears. There is also a slot in the back of the bank under the roof. Two varieties, one with dormer windows and one without. 129615. July 16, 1872. Stevens. $40.00

No. 125. Home Bank — Painted tin building 6 in. high with front set back of columns. On front above the columns are the words "Home Bank." Teller is shown behind barred window in door. "Receiving Teller" above door, below the words "Get your receipt here" and "pat applied for." Put coin in slot in side of building and releases a shelf which you pull out and get a deposit ticket. A number of these banks turned up in Baltimore recently but as yet not so many have found their way into collectors’ hands. $30.00

No. 126. Horse Race — A spring is wound by pulling a string and upon depositing the coin it is released and two running horses with jockeys astride speed around the circular track. Stands on a grill base. Originally called "Race Course bank. The base on this is same as base on Frog on lattice. On the original box in which these banks were packed is a picture of this bank with the horses hitched to sulkies, instead of running horses. Hall’s patent 118011. August 15, 1871. $100.00

Meyer_127-129.jpg (14278 bytes)

No. 127. Humpty Dumpty — This is a head and bust of a clown and similar to the
Jolly Nigger and operates in the same way. Made in Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A. Pat. in U.S., March 14, 1882 and June 17, 1884. Pat in Canada March 27, 1885, in England, No. 8827. (Would like to see one in good paint.) $25.00

No. 128. Independence Hall Tower — Lever rings bell, semi-mechanical. The inscriptions on the four sides of the base are "Independence Hall Tower," "Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land," "To all the Inhabitants thereof" "1776 Centennial Bank 1876." Made by Enterprise Mfg. Co., Phila. September 21, 1875. $15.00

No. 129. Indian Shooting Bear — An Indian Warrior is kneeling on one knee and takes aim with his gun and shoots the coin into the chest of a bear standing by a stump. To operate the bank, you draw back the sight on the top of the gun held by the Indian in shooting position, and when he pulls the trigger which is done by pressing a button the coin is shot. A paper cap may be inserted in the gun and when the hammer hits it a realistic gun shot is simulated. The Indian is dressed in full regalia, feathers and all. Originally advertised as the "Bear Hunt Bank." Stevens. January 17, 1888. $35.00 ($15.00 in 1939)

Meyer_130-132.jpg (14946 bytes)

No. 130. Initiating Bank — First Degree — A goat, darky and frog. The Darky is in a stooped position in the middle of the three. Coin is placed in the outstretched hands of the darky. The goat butts the darky in the rear, pushes him forward and he deposits the coin in the mouth of the frog which rises on its hind legs to receive it. Typical of the times when all secret lodges or fraternities were supposed to use a goat to initiate its members. The words "Initiation Bank — First Degree" on each side of the base and "Eddy’s Patent" on the ends. Base 10-1/4" long. September 28, 1886. $350.00 ($125.00 in 1939)

No. 131. Jocko, Musical — Tin, iron monkey on top of bank, dances when you drop coin in cup and turn crank. Plays only after coin is inserted. Painted a bright red and decorated with picture of musical instruments. The words "A Coin Please" on top. "Little Jocko Musical Bank" and "Trade Mark," "Patent applied for" on the front. On the ends "Drop a coin in the slot then turn the crank around you will see the monkey dance and hear the musical sound." Strauss Mfg. Co. New York, U.S.A. 1912. $110.00

No. 132. Jolly Nigger This is a bust of a negro. It operates by placing coin in out-stretched hand which rises and deposits the coin in his mouth, when the lever in the back is pressed at the same time rolling his eyes. There are quite a number of varieties of this bank. Name "Jolly Nigger" on back. Shepard Hardware Co. Buffalo N.Y. 255090 and also by Stevens. March 14, 1882. The one bank in every collection. $15.00

Meyer_133-135.jpg (15474 bytes)

No. 133. Jolly Nigger Aluminum composition, with high hat. Smaller in size than the better known Jolly Nigger. Operates the same way. This one may have been made to sell to gullible collectors. $75.00 ($40.00 in 1939)

No. 134. Jolly Nigger, Butterfly Tie — This bank is exactly like the regular "Jolly Nigger" except the tie is of the butterfly style. Note the arm is made of pressed steel, not cast. $30.00

No. 135. Jolly Nigger, With High Hat — The high hat is cast metal, open top and is attached to the head with a screw. Take off the hat and you have the regular Jolly Nigger. This bank is in nearly every collection and I am not the one to say it is authentic or not. $100.00


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