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John D. Meyer, Old Mechanical Penny Banks, 1952 Handbook, Banks 136-150

Meyer_136-138.jpg (15383 bytes)

No. 136. Jolly Nigger, With Straw Hat — A straw hat of cast iron is attached to the head of the Jolly Nigger with a screw. The hat can be easily removed. The writer has seen a straw hat on the Jolly Nigger with a butterfly tie and also on the ordinary type. $125.00

No. 137. Jolly Nigger Moves Ears — Same type of Jolly Nigger as all the others, except this one moves its ears in conjunction with its eyes and tongue. The mechanism for the movement of ears is attached to the lever that is used to operate the hand up to the mouth and move the eyes. Made of aluminum. Marked Starkies patent. $150.00

No. 138. Jonah and the Whale — Johan is apparently to be thrown into the whale’s mouth from a small boat, but instead the coin which is placed on a tray in the hands of Jonah is tossed into the whale’s mouth which opens to receive it. "Jonah and the Whale" on one end. $50.00 ($20.00 in 1939)

Meyer_139-141.jpg (17153 bytes)

No. 139. Jonah and Whale On Pedestal — Different from usual kind, stands on pedestal legs. Mouth opens and out comes Jonah. Called the "Whale Bank," bears no name or other data. Base is 11-1/2" and rests on four legs. Jonah is concealed inside the Whale, and his head and top of body pops out when put into action. July 15, 1890, made in Bethlehem, Pa. Advertised in Conway Bros. Catalogue of 1891 at exactly $8.00 per dozen. I presume 10% off in 10 days. $xxxxxx

No. 140. Katzenjammer Kids — The comic strip figures. Mamma Katzenjammer holds Hans and Fritz under each arm. Rolls her eyes when coin is deposited in the slot in her back. $150.00

No. 141. Keene Registering — Tin replica of old Bank Building. On the upper part of the building the words "Self Accounting Keene Savings Bank." The coin is placed in slot in roof of building and lever is pressed and amount of coin deposited is registered. $40.00

Meyer_142-144.jpg (14399 bytes)

No. 142 Kick Inn Made of wood, donkey kicks coin into building. Building is covered with paper pasted over it showing windows, doors, etc. Bears name "Kick Inn Bank." All wooden. Building with donkey backed up to it, coin placed on roof over front door, donkey kicks it up and coin goes into slot in building. Donkey has leather ears and rope tail. Base 9-1/2" . Bears label of Presto Novelty Co., St Louis, Mo. February 15, 1921. (Rather crude bank, but you must have it in your collection.) $100.00

No. 143. Leap Frog — Two boys playing leap frog. One boy jumps over the other and bumps a lever which permits the coin to drop into the trunk of a tree. Name "Leap Frog Bank" on base. A very realistic bank. September 15, 1891. $75.00 ($20.00 in 1939)

No. 144. Liberty Bell — Bailey’s. Made in commemoration of the Philadelphia Centennial in 1876. When coin is inserted the bell rings. On square base which is decorated with various scenes of the Centennial Exhibition. Also called "Memorial Money Bank." Historical printed sketch is pasted on bottom of bank. April 6, 1875. Enterprise Mfg. Co. $50.00

Meyer_145-147.jpg (13851 bytes)

No. 145. Lighthouse — A true replica of a lighthouse and signal tower on a rocky island. When one hundred pennies are placed in the tower it may be opened. An old catalogue says the tower holds one hundred nickels instead of pennies. Tower is 11" high, house 5" high, base 6-1/2" wide. 6 sides to base. House also has a slot for coins. 1891. $110.00

No. 146. Lilliput, Hall’s — A little man with a tray deposits coin in the vestibule of a small dome topped house of grill work. On one side in a circle are the words "Hall’s Lilliput Bank" on the other side "Patented No. 1875, Jan. 1876" and on the back "Pat. Design July 27, 1875. d8498. Varieties — "Lilliput Bank" (no Hall’s) "Halls’s Lilliput" — no coat tails. $25.00

No. 147. Lion and Monkeys — Two Monkeys on top of tree-trunk throw coin into lion’s mouth as he attempts to climb tree after the monkeys. A double peanut-shaped mark on tree trunk. A variety has single peanut-shaped mark. July 17, 1883. 281377. $25.00 ($9.00 in 1939)

Meyer_148-150.jpg (13887 bytes)

No. 148. Lion Hunter — A figure not unlike our illustrious president "Teddy Roosevelt," with derby hat, shooting at a lion which rears up at him. The coin is placed on top of rifle barrel and when lever is pressed the coin is shot into receptacle as lion rears. A paper cap may be placed in the gun and a real "report" of a shooting gun is heard. Bailey’s patent. Stevens. $150.00

No. 149. Little High Hat — A version of the "Jolly Nigger" but quite a bit smaller and operates in exactly the same manner. He wears a small high hat perched cockily on the side of his head. The name "Little High Hat" on the back. $200.00

No. 150. Little Joe — Small negro bust. A version of Jolly Nigger and operates in same way. Exactly like "Sambo" and "Little High Hat." "Little High Hat" on the back. $70.00


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