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John D. Meyer, Old Mechanical Penny Banks, 1952 Handbook, Banks 166-180

Meyer_166-168.jpg (14026 bytes)

No. 166. Moody and Sankey — The revivalists. Building-like bank with opening (like Panorama) showing the following lines (one at a time) on a roll:
                    "Thrift is a Virtue"
                    "Throw out the Life Line"
                    "Moody & Sankey"
                    "Ninety and Nine"
The inscriptions are on a roll and which revolves as the coin is inserted. March 8, 1870. 100564. $250.00

No. 167. Moon Face — Very heavy bank, weighs about eight or ten pounds. Made of bronze and is a very beautiful bank. Face on what looks like the head end of a barrel is five inches in diameter is always smiling and when you insert coin and press lever his tongue comes out and he rolls his eyes in most attractive manner. There is a contrivance on the side where you place written questions to be answered by Yes or No and when coin is inserted and lever pressed a dial spins around and stops at either "Yes" or "No." Bank is 10 inches high. Quite mechanical. Patent numbers — 425401, 425738, 450833. Sometimes called the Man in the Moon. $xxxxxx

No. 168. Mosque — When handle is turned figure appears carrying tray. Coin is placed on tray and figure disappears, depositing coin. Figure is on a turntable with tray held over head. Square building with dome surmounted with figure of woman carrying a wreath. Elaborate design. Rather large bank. $75.00

Meyer_169-171.jpg (15573 bytes)

No. 169. Mule Entering Barn — Coin is placed between mule’s hind legs. When spring is released mule throws coin over his head into barn and small dog appears. January 6, 1880. 223293. $30.00

No. 170. Mule, Miniature Bucking — Very tiny figure of mule looks like mule with horse’s tail. Small negro riding, mounted on grill work square base. Bucks darky over his head and deposits coin. This bank is 4-1/2" long. Very similar to miniature bucking goat. $50.00

No. 171. Multiplying Bank — Shape of a bank building. Mirrors so arranged that many more coins appear than really are. Non-mechanical. Sometimes called Magnifying or "Mirror Bank." $35.00

Meyer_172-174.jpg (18063 bytes)

No. 172. Musical Savings Bank — Regina. Golden oak wooden case. Regina disc is attached to the front of the box and the music box wound up by means of a crank. All is set. The nickel (it takes a nickel as a penny will not make it run) is placed in the slot and then the music begins. It plays ten times to one winding. Fifty cents worth. The words "The Musical Savings Bank" with the "Regina" Trade mark on a metal plate attached to the front of the bank. 17" high, 12" wide. $75.00

No. 173. National Bank — Cashier at door, somewhat similar to Magic. Door revolves and cashier disappears. Square building. Cashier at window in revolving door. "National Bank," name on front of building. Stevens, 1873. $75.00

No. 174. New — Small square building with rather elaborate dome-like roof and also fancy base. A uniformed guard stands in the door way and as you press the lever the man moves to one side and the slot to receive the coin appears. $40.00

Meyer_175-177.jpg (16815 bytes)

No. 175. North Pole — About five inches high and four inch base. On front and back in relief are artic scenes depicting dogs and sleds, Esquimos etc. Put coin in slot on side and a U.S. flag pops out of the top. Words "North Pole" bank and "Put Coin in Slot" on top front of bank. The lower part of the bank is aluminum painted and the upper part bronzed. July 26, 1910. 965843. Stevens. $xxxxxx

No. 176. Novelty — In form of a house with eight dormer windows and two high chimneys. Upon opening the front door, the teller advances and receives your coin which he deposits in the bank when lever is pressed. Name "Novelty Bank" on front. July 25, 1872 and October 28, 1873. 144106. Stevens. Pat. by Chas C. Johnson. $15.00

No. 177. Organ Bank — Monkey, cat and dog. This operates a monkey, cat and dog on top and rings a chime of bells as the figures dance around. Monkey doffs his hat and deposits coin. Name "Organ Bank" on front. June 13, 1882. 259403. Size 5" x 3-1/2" x 4-3/4" high. $25.00

Meyer_178-180.jpg (14139 bytes)

No. 178. Organ Bank — With monkey, boy and girl who dance when handle is turned and bells chime and monkey deposits coin from tray and politely raises his hat. Name "Organ Bank" on front. Similar to Organ bank with cat and dog. June 13, 1882. $35.00

No. 179. Organ Bank, Medium — Similar to the large Organ banks but without cat and dog, or boy and girl, Monkey only. Name on front. This is medium sized Organ bank, 6-1/2" high, 4" wide and 3" deep. Monkey tips hat and deposits coin from a tray in other hand. May 31, 1881. 242139. Size 3-3/4" x 2-3/4" x 3-1/2" high. $25.00

No. 180. Organ Bank — Tiny in zize. Monkey only on top of the bank turns around and pushes coin down slot with his hand. May 31, 1881 and June 13, 1882. "A new size to retail at 25c, one of the best quarter banks made." "Same price as 50c and $1.00 size only smaller." Size Top 3" x 2-1/8" height 2-1/2" . Crank on right side whereas all other cranks on organ banks are on left side. Fastened together with pin. 235 on bottom. $60.00


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