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John D. Meyer, Old Mechanical Penny Banks, 1952 Handbook, Banks 181-195

Meyer_181-183.jpg (15959 bytes)

No. 181. Organ Grinder and Dancing Bear — bank is wound up and coin is placed in slot in organ. The man playing the organ is standing in a yard beside a house and the bear with a pole in his arms dances around in a circle as the organ grinder grinds his organ and plays a tune. Two small boys are looking on from over the fence. June 13, 1882. One of the most attractive banks. $165.00 ($35.00 in 1939)

No. 182. Owl — Standing upright on a piece of log. Place coin in opening along side of owl’s head and when lever is pressed he turns head around quickly and pushes coin in. Found in various colors. September 28, 1880. Stevens. $10.00

No. 183. Owl With Book — With book under its wing. In this bank the slot is in the head, not in the book. When coin is inserted the owl blinks his eyes. Kilgore Mfg. Co., Westerville, O. $12.00

Meyer_184-186.jpg (18985 bytes)

No. 184. Owl With Book — Under its wing. When coin is inserted into the slot in the book, owl’s eyes move. Smaller than the Owl which turns his head. Kilgore Mfg. Co., Westerville, O. $15.00

No. 185. Paddy and His Pig — The coin is placed on the pig’s nose which Paddy is holding between his legs. When you press a lever the pig kicks the coin into Paddy’s mouth. Paddy opens mouth and rolls eyes. This bank was originally called the "Shamrock Bank." August 8, 1882. Ives. $55.00 ($15.00 in 1939)

No. 186. Panorama Bank — A large building with a window at the front showing small pictures. They operate on a roller, and the pictures turn. A new picture is disclosed as the coin is deposited. $8.00 per doz. Originally. March 7, 1876. 174410. $200.00

Meyer_187-189.jpg (14222 bytes)

No. 187. Patronize the Blind Man — and his dog. A brick wall and tower. The wall has an arched track on top of it. A little man is seated on a platform. Place coin in the hands of the man as you press the lever the dog moves forward, takes the coin in his mouth and deposits it in the tower at the end of the wall. "Patronize the Blind Man and hid Dog" on insert of the wall. 200402. February 19, 1878. $250.00

No. 188. Pegleg Beggar — Man with pegleg sitting on box 2" x 2-1/2" . Has high hat in his lap to receive coins, nods head in acknowledgement of receiving the coin. Old catalogues advertise this bank with a colored man sitting on box. $125.00

No. 189. Pelican — Coin is placed in top of head. The pelican’s mouth opens showing a small figure of a man, with his hand to his nose. Bronze finish. Four Varieties. Man in Mouth; Hindu in Mouth; Negro in Mouth; Negro head in mouth; Rabbit in mouth. October 15, 1878. 209038. 75.00 ($30 in 1939)

Meyer_190-192.jpg (16960 bytes)

No. 190. Perfection Registering — A base about 5 x 3 in. with a wall on top around two sides. On the top of the base a girl moves along a slot with a pointer in her hand and she points to the wall showing the amount deposited when the coin drops in. A little dog at her side moves along with her. At the end of the wall is a soldier with U.S. on his belt buckle. The whole base is elaborately embossed with birds, flowers and a little boy. $225.00

No. 191. Piano — Shape of an upright piano with various musical instruments embossed thereon. When wound up and coin is inserted in the slot in the top it plays "Dixie." Size 7-3/3" x 5-3/4" . On Bottom: "E. M. Roche Novelty Co., Newark, N.J. Patent applied for." $75.00

No. 192. Picture Gallery — A little man takes the coin in his outstretched hand and turns around and deposits the coin. He is surrounded by a semi-circular frame with three openings. As a lever is pressed, the letters of the alphabet, figures 1 to 26, and 26 small pictures with names beginning from A to Z appear in their respective frames or openings. Name "Picture Gallery Bank" on front. Getting scarcer. $175.00

Meyer_193-195.jpg (14026 bytes)

No. 193. Pig Bismark — A pig standing. Place coin in slot in the back of the pig. Use the tail as a lever and up jumps a little man out of the pig’s back. Words "Bismark Bank" on right side. Very similar to "Tricky Pig" and the little man is just like the one on Elephant Hannibal. $125.00

No. 194. Pig in High Chair — Pig sitting in high chair, raises front legs with tray, and coin goes in his mouth, and he moves his tongue and swallows it. Originally called the Educated Pig Bank." Two varieties — painted and nickel plated. August 24, 1897. d27565. Stevens. $65.00 ($20.00 in 1939)

No. 195. Pig, Tricky — Press his tail and coin which is placed in slot on his back falls into his body and man pops up. Words "Tricky Pig" on one side and "Bank" on the other side. Man is exactly same as the man in elephant Bismark. $145.00


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