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John D. Meyer, Old Mechanical Penny Banks, 1952 Handbook, Banks 211-225

Meyer-211-213.jpg (15269 bytes)

No. 211. Roller Skating — When the skaters are brought to the front of the rink, they are held there by a spring and when the coin is inserted they glide rapidly around the course and the judge will turn and award the wreath to the winner. At the back of the rink is an alcove where skaters are putting on their skates, also a rack on which you can see many pairs of skates for the customers. Scattered about the floor are several skaters who have lost their balance. Size 8-3/4" long, 8-1/2" wide and 4-1/4" high. An old advertisement says "Our new bank this year represents the latest popular craze." Complete with lock and key, $8.00 per doz. Was called "The Prize Skater Bank." $xxxxxx ($100.00 in 1939)

No. 212. Rooster — A rooster standing up holds his head and tail high. In the plumage of his tail is a small lever. Press this and thrusts his head back, opens his mouth as if to crow. Place coin in slot in tail. $20.00

No. 213 Sambo — Just like "Jolly Nigger" except in size, quite a bit smaller. Maybe is a son of the Jolly Nigger. He looks enough like him. The word "Sambo Bank" on back. The three banks "Sambo". "Little Joe" and "Little High Hat" are all the same except the name on each. $100.00

Meyer-214-216.jpg (17757 bytes)

No. 214. Santa Claus at Chimney — Deposits coin from his uplifted hand, and it falls into the chimney. Words "Santa Claus" in front of his feet. October 15, 1889. d19356. Stevens. $40.00 ($10.00 in 1939)

No. 215. Schley — "Admiral Schley Bottling up Cevera" on front of bank. A Spanish-American War bank, made of iron. In insert is Cevera’s picture which changes to Admiral Schley’s picture when coin is inserted at the top of the bank. An American and Cuban flag pictured on each side of Schley’s picture. Pat. applied for. Height 4-3/4" . $xxxxxx

No. 216. Scotchman — Tin, Mechanical. Lift lever which is the apron over his kilts. Rolls eyes and sticks out tongue to receive coin. 7" high 3-1/2" wide 2" deep. Exactly same as tin colored minstrel, however no words are wasted printing them on this bank. $15.00

Meyer-217-219.jpg (14236 bytes)

No. 217. Sewing Machine — With words "American Bank" on side of bank. Painted black, measuring 5-1/8" long top of table 2-7/8" and operates by crank at side. Place coin in slot and turn crank and coin drops in. Painted black with gilt and painted decorations on sides. Has knee hole. When you turn the crank the needle of the machine operates up and down. Is a good replica of the old-fashioned sewing machine. $xxxxxx

No. 218. Shoot the Chute — Buster Brown and his dog Tige are in the boat as it shoots down the slide. This bank was made to retail at $1.00 each. (Cheap enough from today’s standpoint.) Not so much of a bank but mighty rare. March 27, 1906. 815935. National Novelty Works. Advertised in Sears Roebuck & Co. catalogues in 1906. $xxxxxx

No. 219. Squirrel, Saving — Made of lead. Sitting up on hind legs. Words "Saving" on one side and "Squirrel" on other side. Place coin in slot in breast and he opens mouth. $65.00

Meyer-220-222.jpg (15079 bytes)

No. 220. Squirrel and Tree Stump — The squirrel is sitting upright on an exposed tree root and facing a stump. He is holding an acorn in his paws as if to nibble at it. Place coin on top of the acorn , press the lever at the feet of the squirrel and he falls forward and coin drops into top of stump. 243475. June 28, 1881. $175.00

No. 221. Stollwerck — Vending bank. Tin with glass front and back. "Put one cent in chimney and pull the handle" on the front and "A cent saved is a cant earned." A miniature vending for Stollwerck Bros. With animal shadows formed by manipulating hands and fingers. Semi-mechanical. $60.00

No. 222. Stump Speaker — This represents a negro dressed in flashy cloths and high hat in a humorous role and operates similar to Uncle Sam. The coin is placed in the negro’s hand and the knob on the top of the base is pressed and coin drops into satchel, the lower jaw of the figure moves at the same time. Words "Stump Speaker" on front and "Bank" on side of vase. June 8, 1886. 352786. Stevens. $35.00

Meyer-223-225.jpg (16710 bytes)

No. 223. Tabby Bank — Chick emerging from egg. Tabby perched on top of egg on small round base is waiting for the appearance of the young chick from the egg. Originally sold for $1.25 per dozen. That is, the bank not the eggs. Word "Tabby" on side of egg. $45.00

No. 224. Tammany —A figure of a little fat man to represent Boss Tweed in his palmy days. You place a coin in his right hand and it then drops into his coat pocket and he nods his head in appreciation. Words "Tammany" on each side. Varieties, one has no markings, the other "Hall’s Patent" on one side. 145734 December 23, 1873 and 164083 June 8, 1875. Sometimes called "The Little Fat Man." (My own first penny bank, given to me when I was a little boy, and that is a good many years ago. My niece used it when she was a little girl and after her it was used by her three girls in turn and then it was given back to me and became the inspiration or cause of my becoming a collector of Old Penny Banks. It is in perfect condition although it does look a little as though the trap had been tampered with in a childish effort to get the pennies out. As you know this is one of the common banks but to me it is the most prized one in my whole collection and I keep it protected under a glass dome.) $12.00 ($3.50 in 1939)

No. 225. Target in Vestibule — A Safe 5-3/4 in. high, 4 in. deep and 4 in. wide, painted green with black trimmings. Recessed in the front is a curved arch in which sits a little man with out-stretched arms holding a receptacle for the coin on a sort of bench on a spring. Release the spring and the little man throws his hands up over his head and the coin flies back over his head into the target which is visible through the opening back of where the little man is sitting. In my collection of still banks I have a bank exactly the same in outward appearance and it looks to me as if the door of a bank like this was taken off and the mechanical "innards" inserted as the mechanical works are rather crude. $160.00


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