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John D. Meyer, Old Mechanical Penny Banks, 1952 Handbook, Banks 61-75

Meyer_61-63.jpg (13726 bytes)

No. 61 Dog Barking — Tiny dog in relief lying at the bottom of the door of a square combination safe. Push lever up and he opens his mouth and barks. The "bark" is made by a bellows inside the door. Also called "Watch Dog Safe." Combination lock set 3 numbers. Bank opens at 217. Height 6", width 4-3/4", depth 4-1/2". Finished in gold bronze and colors. Made of iron. $40.00

No. 62. Dog, Bull Savings Bank — Bulldog jumps and snaps coin out of man’s hands. This is a key winder bank, on a large base, bronze finish. Marked "Bull Dog Savings Bank." August 13, 1878. 206893. This bank was largely advertised and was one of the higher priced banks, selling at $18.00 per dozen wholesale. Made by Ives whose original factory was at Plymouth, Conn. $190.00

No. 63. Dog, On Oblong Base — Coin is placed on the nose and when his tail is pulled the lower jaw shoots forward and the coin drops into his mouth. Spiked collar on Dog. Name "Bull Dog Bank" on base. 226831. April 27, 1880. Stevens Pat. by James H. Bowen. $25.00

Meyer_64-66.jpg (13899 bytes)

No. 64. Dog Charges Boy — Pull lever and the dog which rears up on hind legs charges toward the boy and coin which has been placed in slot drops into base. Small bank, open-work, oblong base, 4-3/4" x 2-3/4". Bronze. $60.00

No. 65. Dog, Bull Dog, Standing — Place coin on tongue, and lift tail like pump handle and coin drops into his mouth. Stands 3-3/4 in. high and body is 5 in. long. Black.

No. 66. Dog, Lost — Sitting, place penny in mouth, press lever in back and penny disappears into body. Words "Lost Dog" on base. Bronze finish. (This bank may be a phony made from the still bank, as an examination of the workings of the mechanical bank showed the lever was welded on by an electric weld, which would indicate at least that it is not so very old.) $45.00

Meyer_67-69.jpg (15586 bytes)

No. 67. Dog On Turntable — The small dog which is on a turntable goes into the house and deposits the coin when the handle is turned, and reappears without coin. One of the very interesting common banks. Made in three varieties of gears and coin traps and in three or four different colors. Judd Mfg. Company. $25.00

No. 68. Dog, St. Bernard — The words "I hear a call" on left side. Coin when inserted in the pack on dog’s back moves the clapper. Words "Copyright July 20, 1900" on inside of the four legs. $15.00 ($6.00 in 1939)

No. 69. Dog Speaking — A little girl seated on bench, deposits the coin which is placed on plate in her hand, into the bench, at which time the sitting dog wags its tail and opens his mouth as if "speaking." Stevens July 14, 1885. (In error some collectors advertise for a "Ping Pong" bank which they mistake for this bank because of the resemblance of the plate held in the little girl’s hand to a ping pong paddle.) $25.00

Meyer_70-72.jpg (16218 bytes)

No. 70. Dog With Tray — Coin is placed on tray in dog’s mouth on top of oval base. Dog bends over, deposits coin in opening. So balanced that weight of coin causes dog to lean forward. Quite small bank. Words "Dog Tray Bank 1880" on front of base. Not much to the bank but it is pretty rare anyhow. 232512. September 21, 1880. $135.00 ($50.00 in 1939)

No. 71. Dog, Trick — Coin is placed in the dog’s mouth. The dog upon the release of the spring, jumps through a hoop held by a clown and deposits coin in barrel. Five piece base. Words "Trick Dog" on front of base and "Bank" on end. Do not confuse this bank with modern type of this bank which has one piece base and name on top of base. July 31, 1888. $25.00

No. 72. Dog, Trick — Modern, with one piece base. Name "Trick Dog" on top of base. An exact reproduction of the original "Trick Dog" with exception as noted — solid base and words on top of base. Manufactured by the Hubley Mfg. Co., Lancaster, Pa. who have been making this bank and the Monkey and Organ Grinder and also the Elephant bank for quite a number of years. $15.00

Meyer_73-75.jpg (17191 bytes)

No. 73. Doll’s Head — Projects from egg. When turned upside down, cries "Mamma." Egg is white and doll’s head flesh colored. The opening for the coin is in the trap on bottom. There is also a hole for paper money. Optimist. $40.00

No. 74. Donkey, Trick — A bank made after the pattern of the "Forty-Niner." There is a slot in the top of the pack on the donkey’s back with a channel leading from the pack down through the belly into the base. When you drop the coin into the slot the tail and ears move. The figures ’49 appear on the pack and "Trick Donkey Bank" are molded on the side of the base. $90.00

No. 75. Eagle and Eaglets — Coin is deposited from bill of the mother bird into the nest, the wings of the mother bird flap and the little birds open their mouths and actually "chirp" for food. This chirp is made by a bellows in the mechanism. Was originally called the "American Eagle Bank. Stevens. January 23, 1883. 271200. One of the best of the more common banks. Patented by Charles M. Henn. $22.00


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