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John D. Meyer, Old Mechanical Penny Banks, 1952 Handbook, Banks 76-90

Meyer_76-78.jpg (14826 bytes)

No. 76. Education and Economy — Small square safe with printed questions and answers. Insert coin and turn wheel to make questions appear. Words "Bank of Education and Economy" on side. A glass in one side permits you to see the coins. Nickel plated and beautifully embossed. April 30, 1895. Manufactured by Proctor-Raymond Co., Buffalo, N.Y. $150.00

No. 77. Elephant, Baby — A clown holding a cup in one hand and a tray in the other, is sitting on a chair at a table facing an elephant sitting on a chair opposite. Place coin on the tray, press lever and coin drops into receptacle under the table and the elephant, with a pleased expression on his face, nods his head in thanks. Words "Baby Elephant Bank" on base. Beautifully painted in appropriate colors. Only one of these banks so far known. Made in Lancaster, Pa. Patent No. 425,357 by Daniel Cooke of Camden, N.J. inventor, March 17, 1892. Patent Design 21457, April 12, 1892. (This is my prize bank and my experiences in obtaining it were most interesting.) $xxxxxx

No. 78. Elephant, Opens Ten O’Clock — Has dial on top of base, opens at ten o’clock. The oblong base 4-1/4 in. by 1-3/4 in. is embossed with design of elephant throwing an infant into the open mouth of an alligator. This wording "Oh if I had only put some money in the bank." The Baby Elephant is mounted on top of base. Very small bank. 234518 November 16, 1880. $170.00 ($65.00 in 1939)

Meyer_79-81.jpg (15122 bytes)

No. 79. Elephant, Three Stars — Black lacquer finish, coin placed in trunk, move tail, elephant raises trunk and deposits coin in head. Small blanket over the back and three stars on each side. $30.00

No. 80. Elephant — Modern. In gray or white, open howdah. Place coin in trunk, press down the tail and the coin is thrown over the head into an opening between the shoulders in front of the howdah. Colorful trappings. Currently manufactured by the Hubley Mfg. Co., Lancaster, Pa. May be purchased in toy and department stores at $1.25 each. $15.00

No. 81. Elephant, Hannibal — Place coin in slot in the back, lift tail and little man pops up. Color yellowish, operates similar to Tricky Pig. Words "Hannibal" on one side and "Bank" on other. Stevens. The little man is exactly same as the one in the pig Bismark bank. $75.00

Meyer_82-84.jpg (16026 bytes)

No. 82 Elephant, Man In Howdah — When a spring is released, the coin is pushed into mouth by the trunk and the top of howdah springs open and a little man appears. $30.00 ($6.00 in 1939)

No. 83. Elephant, With Locked Howdah — One side of Howdah shows bust of a man with beard, the other side has door which opens with a key. Place coin in elephant’s trunk, press lever and elephant throws coin over head into howdah. Size 7" long and 8" tall. Patented, February 5, 1901, 667332. About a year or more ago the parts of some twenty banks were found in an old foundry in Wisconsin. They were gathered up and assembled and painted and then were offered and sold direct to collectors. $125.00

No. 84. Elephant, Large Jumbo — Without blanket. Has word "Jumbo" on each side and three stars on one side and one star on the other side. Operates in same way as elephant with blanket. Silvered color. $35.00

Meyer_85-87.jpg (15345 bytes)

No. 85. Elephant Jumbo — Tiny Elephant about 2-1/2" high by 3-1/2" long, nods head when coin is deposited. Word Jumbo on blanket on each side same as one on wheels. Trunk hanging down. $175.00

No. 86. Elephant, Small Jumbo on wheels. Nods his head when coin is deposited. Trunk hanging down. Word "Jumbo" on blanket on each side. $100.00

No. 87. Elephant, On Wheels — Trunk sticks out straight and moves when wheels turn. Slightly longer than little Jumbo on wheels. Size of body 4-1/2 in. long, 2-3/4 in. high. $125.00

Meyer_88-90.jpg (15782 bytes)

No. 88. Elephant and Three Clowns — On a tub. One holds a hoop, one balances a ball, one is astride the elephant. Coin is pushed by elephant’s trunk through hoop held by clown. The clown on elephant turns. Stevens. Eng. July 28, 1882. U.S. August 8, 1882. $60.00

No. 89. Elephant — Tin, decorated with painted trappings. Place coin in slot in base on which the elephant stands, press down and the coin flies up into the elephant’s mouth and he swallows it. On the side of the base are these words "Put a coin in this slot, then you’ll see something funny. Press my tail hard and I’ll swallow the money." On front of base it says: "Royal Trick Elephant Bank." 4-1/2" high x 7" long. (A good one.) $175.00

No. 90. Feed the Kitty — Girl kneeling tosses the coin into the cat’s mouth, and cat nods head. The coin is placed in slot in girl’s head and passes through her arms and lands over into Kitty’s mouth. Words "Feed the Kitty" on base. $75.00


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