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Home Bank (Tin)
by F.H. Griffith - HOBBIES Magazine - July, 1983

83-07.JPG (13652 bytes)A rather unusual tin mechanical, the Home Bank, is our choice as No. 303 in the numerical classification. It is interesting and different since the bank itself represents a bank building with a teller in the entrance way and on depositing a coin, a receipt is given to the depositor.

The bank was made in two versions, one with tin insides and the other with wooden insides. The earlier version is the one made with wood and pictured herewith.

That the bank is interesting and different is further substantiated by the unusual paper and cardboard labels with instructions inside.

The entire left side of the building is the coin trap. That is to say it locks in place and is removable to take the coins from the bank as well as place the receipts inside. The side piece has cardboard on the back with the following printed thereon:

Every Day Morrison Home Bank Every Day
Lay A Bit Away Lay A Bit Away
Patents Applied For


Arrange tickets as numbered 1-2-3 etc. starting with Number 1 at the bottom. Place 50 tickets at a time and see that they are all placed in Bank even, then close door tight, place side wall in grooves and lock with key.

Now you can start your deposits.

Deposit coin in slot and pull desk in front of cashier as far as it will go. Don’t release until you receive receipt. Each receipt will show amount deposited and total.

Manufactured only by
William Morrison
Every Day 5216 Reisterstown Road Every Day
Lay A Bit Away Baltimore, Maryland Lay A Bit Away

On the wooden door inside the bank that is opened to place the deposit slips, the following appears on a paper label:

Place Tickets Inside
To open door —
press opening upward as far
as it will go, and
push right end of door.
Manufactured only by
William Morrison To Open
5216 Reisterstown Road Push Here
Baltimore, Maryland

The bank shown is in fine all original condition with colors as follows: The roof is a gray blue showing definitions of shingles. The building is red brick with gray stone work corners and base. The front column entrance is also gray stonework. The name Home Bank is in blue, as is the name Receiving Teller over the barred window. The teller wears a blue suit, white shirt, and red tie. He has natural features and blonde hair. Under his cage appears in black "Get Your Receipt Here." On the bottom front edge of the building is "Patents Applied For." Two barred windows are on each side of the building and one in the back. These have the appearance of gray stonework with a yellow shade or curtain halfway down. The shadowy designations of people inside the bank appear in the windows.

In the photo a receipt is shown in the entrance way.


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