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Elephant (Gray – Moves Trunk) Large and Small
by F.H. Griffith - HOBBIES Magazine - August, 1983

83-08.JPG (12146 bytes)Two mechanical banks that the writer does not know very much about as to their background are our choice at this time as Nos. 304 and 305 in the numerical classification. One elephant is rather large and the other is small. The large one is No. 304 and the small one No. 305.

The elephants appear in some jobbers’ catalogs of the 1920 period; however, the writer has not seen any manufacturer’s catalog that shows the banks. There is nothing on the banks to indicate anything – manufacturer, date, or designer. So be it until such time we find out more.

The banks have the same configuration, and the design work on the howdah and blanket of each is the same. They are also the same color.

The colors are as follows: The elephants are an all-over gray, and the howdah and blanket of each are silver. The crescents and stars, strap, fringe, and other decorative effects are all done in gold.

As to action, when a coin is placed in the slot in the howdah, the trunk moves back and forth. Not much action, but very definitely any coin placed in either bank causes the trunk to move.

So while they certainly aren’t great mechanical banks, they definitely are in the mechanical category.

Coins are removed by means of the single screw that holds each bank together.

Figure 1 shows the larger size, and Figure 2 the smaller. While these are rather common as mechanicals go, nevertheless they are not easy to find in the paint condition of the two shown. Both are entirely original with no repairs.

It bears mentioning that, as often as not, either of the banks is found with the trunk missing.


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