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Two Ducks Bank
by F.H. Griffith - HOBBIES Magazine - September, 1983

83-09.JPG (8890 bytes)Once again, as we reach No. 306 in the numerical classification, we are confronted with a mechanical bank about which the writer knows very little as to its background – manufacturer, designer, or whatever. This bank is the Two Ducks Bank, and it was made prior to 1935, based on the information of a party in Missouri who had bought it prior to that time.

There is absolutely nothing on the bank to indicate anything about the designer or manufacturer. One thing noteworthy about it is the fact that it is not cast iron, but rather a white metal alloy. This does not tell us any more about its background, however. The structural nature of the bank, configuration, and subject matter are of no help either. These factors can be – and have been – of help, however, in the case of certain other mechanicals.

The bank shown is in nice condition and all original. It is painted simply with the base in blue and the ducks white with black definitions. The writer has seen several of these banks over the years, including one with the base in green, also a variety with the trough somewhat different and other minor differences in the casting.

In any case, the fact that several exist adds to the authenticity of the bank, and substantiates that it is not something that somebody made, or anything like that. This is mentioned since the bank does not have the same "look" that most of the old mechanicals have.

To operate the bank, a coin is placed in the bill of the upright duck on the right as pictured. The operating lever is pressed down, and the duck with the coin bends forward and drops the coin in the trough. At the same time, the other duck moves upright so the coin can go into the trough. Sort of simple action, but quite effective and rather attractive in its own way.

The word, "BANK" appears in large block raised letters on top of the base between the two ducks.


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