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Music Bank (Tin)
by F.H. Griffith - HOBBIES Magazine - October, 1983

83-10.JPG (8793 bytes)A bank about which the writer has no background information at all is our choice as No. 307 in the numerical classification. The writer has waited for quite a few years for some definitive information, but so far nothing has come up. In any case, there is no question that this bank was manufactured a number of years before 1935. Also, it must be noted that the bank does belong considerably further up in the listing as it is so hard to come by.

The Music Bank shown is from the excellent collection of Wally Tudor in Chicago. It is in fine original condition and finished in an all-over black. The decorations have sort of an Oriental appearance. They are done in pastels of color in silver and gold, with an effect similar to stenciling.

It is made of rather heavy-gauge tin as compared to many of the lithographed German tin banks.

This bank winds up with a crank which is inserted in the hole in the front, as shown in the photo.

When a coin is dropped in the slot, a music box inside is activated and plays a pleasant tune. There is a locking key trap; the key is also shown in the photo.

This bank may be of foreign manufacture, possibly German. It is rather large, comparable in size to the German-made Woodpecker Bank. The music box is a Swiss type, as is the music box in the Woodpecker.

That is all we can tell you for now. Should further information ever come to light, it will be passed along to our readers.


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