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J. & E. Stevens Co. Donkey Savings aka Mule Entering Barn Bank
Agreement with Edward L. Morris    July 6, 1880

Agreement by and between Edward L. Morris of Boston, Mass., of the first part, and The J. & E. Stevens Co., of Cromwell, Conn. of the second part.
     Said Morris being the owner of a certain invention known as the "Donkey Savings Bank", for which application for letters patent was filed April 19th, 1880, and claim allowed June 30, '8. hereby agrees to lease to the said J. & E. Stevens Co., on account of the considerations herein after named, his interest in the said invention for the term of five years from the date of the said patent.
     Said J. & E. Stevens Co. hereby agree to pay to said Morris as royalty for the use of the said invention the sum of Thirty-five cents (.35) for each dozen of toys by them manufactured and sold, returns to be made January 1st and July 1st, semi-annually. They further agree to use their best efforts to extend the sale of the said toys and if requested, to exhibit to the inspection of said Morris their books containing the record of such sales. They further agree to pay to said Morris upon signing of this contract, the sum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00), the same to be charged to him on royalty account but in no case to be by him refunded except upon failure by him to secure the said letters patent.
     It is further agreed that should the said J. & E. Stevens Co, at any time persistently fail to comply with the conditions of this contract all rights under the said patent shall thereupon revert to the said Morris.
              Edward L. Morris
Cromwell, Conn., July 6th, 1880
    R. S. Griswold,    The J. & E. Stevens Co.
                                                 E. S. Coe, Tr

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