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First One Hundred Articles An Index
by Sy Schreckinger ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine March, 1991

      In view of the many requests received from readers, the following is an index of the one hundred articles I've written for Antique Toy World.

1.   August 1982-The Edwin H. Mosley Bank Sale
2.   December 1982-Girl Skipping Rope
3.   January 1983-Acrobats
4.   February 1983-Zig Zag
5.   March 1983-Two Frogs
6.   April 1983-Reclining Chinaman
7.   May 1983-Elephant and 3 Clowns
8.   June 1983-Peg Leg Beggar
9.   July 1983-Circus Ticket Collector
10.   August 1983-Little Jocko Musical
11.   September 1983-Chimpanzee
12.   October 1983-Billy Goat
13.   November 1983-Confectionery
14.   December 1983-Jolly Nigger
15.   January 1984-Mama Katzenjammer
16.   February 1984-Hall's Excelsior
17.   March 1984-Paddy and the Pig
18.   April 1984-Speaking Dog
19.   May 1984-Tammany
20.   June 1984-Fowler
21.   July 1984-Humpty Dumpty
22.   August 1984-Mason
23.   September 1984-Humpty Dumpty Part II
        -Elephant and 3 Clowns Part II
24.   October 1984-Organ Bank, Cat and Dog
25.   November 1984-Bulldog Savings
26.   December 1984-Bird on Roof
27.   January 1985-Darktown Battery
28.   February 1985-Magician
29.   March 1985-Boy Stealing Watermelons
30.   April 1985-Uncle Sam
31.   May 1985-Stump Speaker
32.   June 1985-Zig Zag Part II
         -Bill Norman's Bank Book, Review
33.   July 1985-Lion Hunter
34.   August 1985-Calamity
35.   September 1985-Organ Miniature
36.   October 1985-Indian and the Bear
37.   November 1985-William Tell
38.   December 1985-I Always Did 'Spise A Mule (Jockey)
39.   January 1986-Punch and Judy
40.   February 1986-Organ Bank, Boy and Girl
41.   March 1986-Boy Scout Camp
42.   April 1986-Perfection Registering
43.   May 1986-I Always Did 'Spise A Mule (Boy on Bench)
44.   June 1986-Bad Accident
45.   July 1986-Jonah and the Whale
46.   August 1986-Organ Grinder and Performing Bear
47.   September 1986-Afghanistan
48.   October 1986-Dentist
49.   November 1986-Goat, Frog and Old Man
50.   December 1986-Teddy and the Bear
51.   January 1987-Mammy and Baby
52.   February 1987-Novelty
53.   March 1987-Lion and Monkeys
54.   April 1987-Horse Race
55.   May 1987-Hall's Lilliput
56.   June 1987-Mule Entering Barn
57.   July 1987-Toad on Stump
58.   August 1987-Milking Cow
59.   September 1987-Dog on Turntable
60.   October 1987-Spring-Jawed Alligator
61.   November 1987-Clown on Globe
62.   December 1987-Jumbo Elephant
63.   January 1988-Organ Bank with Monkey
64.   February 1988-Artillery
65.   March 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part I
66.   April 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part 11
67.   May 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part III
         -Penny Lane Book Review
68.   June 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part III
          -Penny Lane Book Review
69.   July 1988-Red Riding Hood
70.   August 1988-Eagle and Eagletts
71.   September 1988-Butting Buffalo
72.   October 1988-Spring-Jawed Bonzo
73.   November 1988-Trick Dog, Six Part Base
74.   December 1988-Patronize the Blind Man and His Dog
75.   January 1989-Bucking Mule
76.   February 1989-World's Fair
77.   March 1989-Frog on Round Base
78.   April 1989-Owl, Slot in Head
79.   May 1989-Uncle Sam Bust
80.   June 1989-Boy on Trapeze
81.   July 1989-Boy and Bulldog
82.   August 1989-Bulldog on Square Base
83.   September 1989-Cat and Mouse
84.   October 1989-Rooster
85.   November 1989-Spring-Jawed Kitten
86.   December 1989-Saalheimer and Strauss Toy Catalog
87.   January 1990-Owl, Slot in Book
88.   February 1990-Bulldog Standing
89.   March 1990-Atlas
90.   April 1990-Monkey and Coconut
91.   May 1990-Rabbit in Cabbage
92.   June 1990-Spring-Jawed Bulldog
93.   July 1990-Organ Grinder and Performing Bear, Part 11
         -Perfection Registering, Part 11
94.   August 1990-Uncle Tom
95.   September 1990-Leap Frog
96.   October 1990-Chief Big Moon
97.   November 1990-Girl in Victorian Chair
98.   December 1990-Cross-Legged Minstral
99.   January 1991-The Home Bank
100.   February 1991-Spring-Jawed Mule

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