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The Mama Katzenjammer Bank
(Part II, An Update)

by Sy Schreckinger – ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine – March, 1997

     The “Mama Katzenjammer Bank” had been discussed in the January 1984 issue of Antique Toy World. The article mentioned that the producer of this mechanical was Kenton Hardware Company of Kenton, Ohio. In addition, the bank was manufactured in two color versions: Figure I, the most commonly painted of the duo, and Figure II, the unique color variation with only one original example known.
     Limitations existent at that time precluded illustration of both variants to their best advantage. Now and then, bank collectors have suggested, and even urged, a follow-up in which examples of both variations are featured for comparison. In response to these requests, this month's article is presented as an addendum.
     Sizes, dimensions and animation of the "Mama Katzenjammer" are identical in both versions (Figures I and II) and were discussed in detail in the January 1, 1984, article.
     Acknowledgments: The "Mama Katzenjammer Bank" (Figure I) is from the collection of Steve and Marilyn Steckbeck. The "Mama Katzenjammer Bank" (Figure II, unique variation) is from the author's collection.

The Horse Race Bank
(Part II, An Update)

by Sy Schreckinger – ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine – March, 1997

     Occasionally, Unique and attractive color variations of mechanical banks are brought to my attention. Recently, I was made aware of one such superb example, namely the "Horse Race Bank" (Figure III), and am delighted to share information with my readers.
     This article, therefore, serves as an addendum to the "Horse Race Bank" article which appeared in the April 1987 issue of Antique Toy World. In it, I had described the mechanical as having several known color combinations, utilizing the following: red, dark blue, light blue, white, yellow, and green.
     Worthy of mention in view of its extremely attractive appearance is the example shown in Figure III. Its finish is an overall, transparent, purple-brown-japan color, with several of its components painted bright yellow and powder blue.
     Heritage, dimensions and animation of the "Horse Race Bank" are discussed in the April 1987 article.
     Acknowledgments: The superb example of "Horse Race Bank" exhibited in Figure III blissfully grazes in the collection of Tim Walsh.

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