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The Hall’s Excelsior Bank
by Sy Schreckinger – ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine – April, 1997

     The following an addendum to my article entitled "Hall's Excelsior Bank" which appeared in the February 1984 issue of Antique Toy World. Since that printing, an extremely rare and important variation which pertains to the composition of a particular segment of the bank, namely the head of the "cashier" monkey, has come to my attention.
     In the aforementioned article, on page 47, I wrote, "Some years ago, rumor had original metal heads were found for the the desk, but these proved to be of modern manufacture. Until proven otherwise, the only authentic figures should be carved totally out of wood."
     However, several original examples of "Hall's Excelsior Banks" have since been discovered, and these incorporate "cashier" heads made of a hollow zinc alloy (Figure 1). The heads, one of which is seen in Figure 2, are fully painted. They have been adjudged, subsequent to evaluation by historians and experts in the field, to be totally original and of the period.

Penny Banks Around the World — By Don Duer

by Sy Schreckinger – ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine – April, 1997

     The book we’ve all been awaiting is finally here! Don Duer's Penny Banks Around the World is the only reference book which may boast of separate sections for tin, lead, wood, and cast-iron mechanical banks; iron, tin, ceramic, lead, zinc-alloy, silver, brass, wood, glass, and paper still banks; and tin pocket and registering banks.
     This thorough résumé contains more than 1,600 clear, full-color photographs, printed on high-quality glossy paper. Mr. Duer grades each bank according to rarity and desirability. An up-to-date price value guide is provided in the concluding section of the book.
     Penny Banks Around the World is a full-sized, hard-covered volume that should serve not only as an invaluable aid to bank collectors, but also to anyone interested in antiques.
     For further information regarding the obtainment of a copy or copies, write: Sy Schreckinger, P.O. Box 104, East Rockaway, New York, NY 11518. Or try your local bookstore.

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