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Two Hundred-Fifty Articles An Index
by Sy Schreckinger ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine September, 2003

     In view of numerous requests from readers the following is an index of the two hundred-fifty articles I have written for Antique Toy World:
1.   August 1982-The Edwin H. Mosier Bank Sale
2.   December 1982-Girl Skipping Rope
3.   January 1983-Acrobats
4.   February 1983-Zig Zag
5.   March 1983-Two Frogs
6.   April 1983-Reclining Chinaman
7.   May 1983-Elephant and 3 Clowns
8.   June 1983-Peg Leg Beggar
9.   July 1983-Circus Ticket Collector
10.   August 1983-Little Jocko Musical
11.   September 1983-Chimpanzee
12.   October 1983-Billy Goat
13.   November 1983-Confectionery
14.   December 1983-Jolly Nigger
15.   January 1984-Mama Katzenjammer
16.   February 1984-Hall's Excelsior
17.   March 1984-Paddy and the Pig
18.   April 1984-Speaking Dog
19.   May 1984-Tammany
20.   June 1984-Fowler
21.   July 1984-Humpty Dumpty
22.   August 1984-Mason
23.   September 1984-Humpty Dumpty, Part II
        -Elephant and 3 Clowns, Part II
24.   October 1984-Organ Bank, Cat and Dog
25.   November 1984-Bulldog Savings Bank
26.   December 1984-Bird on Roof
27.   January 1985-Darktown Battery
28.   February 1985-Magician
29.   March 1985-Boy Stealing Watermelons
30.   April 1985-Uncle Sam
31.   May 1985-Stump Speaker
32.   June 1985-Zig Zag, Part II
        -Bill Norman's Bank Book, Review
33.   July 1985-Lion Hunter
34.   August 1985-Calamity
35.   September 1985-Organ Miniature
36.   October 1985-Indian and Bear
37.   November 1985-William Tell
38.   December 1985-I Always Did 'Spise a Mule, Jockey
39.   January 1986-Punch and Judy
40.   February 1986-Organ Bank, Boy and Girl 41. March 1986-Boy Scout Camp
42.   April 1986-Perfection Registering
43.   May 1986-I Always Did 'Spise a Mule, Boy on Bench
44.   June 1986-Bad Accident
45.   July 1986-Jonah and the Whale
46.   August 1986-Organ Grinder and Performing Bear
47.   September 1986-Afghanistan
48.   October 1986-Dentist
49.   November 1986-Goat, Frog, and Old Man
50.   December 1986-Teddy and the Bear
51.   January 1987-Mammy and Baby
52.   February 1987-Novelty
53.   March 1987-Lion and Monkeys
54.   April 1987-Horse Race
55.   May 1987-Hall's Lilliput
56.   June 1987-Mule Entering Barn
57.   July 1987-Toad on Stump
58.   August 1987-Milking Cow
59.   September 1987-Dog on Turntable
60.   October 1987-Spring-Jawed Alligator
61.   November 1987-Clown on Globe
62.   December 1987-Jumbo Elephant
63.   January 1988-Organ Bank with Monkey
64.   February 1988-Artillery
65.   March 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part I
66.   April 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part II
67.   May 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part III
68.   June 1988-Penny Lane, Book Review
69.   July 1988-Red Riding Hood
70.   August 1988-Eagle and Eaglets
71.   September 1988-Butting Buffalo
72.   October 1988-Spring-Jawed Bonzo
73.   November 1988-Trick Dog, Six-Part Base
74.   December 1988-Patronize the Blind Man and His Dog
75.   January 1989-Bucking Mule
76.   February 1989-World's Fair
77.   March 1989-Frog on Round Base
78.   April 1989-Owl, Slot in Head
79.   May 1989-Uncle Sam Bust
80.   June 1989-Boy on Trapeze
81.   July 1989-Boy and Bulldog
82.   August 1989-Bulldog on Square Base
83.   September 1989-Cat and Mouse
84.   October 1989-Rooster
85.   November 1989-Spring-Jawed Kitten
86.   December 1989-Saalheimer and Strauss Toy Catalog
87.   January 1990-Owl, Slot in Book
88.   February 1990-Bulldog Standing
89.   March 1990-Atlas
90.   April 1990-Monkey and Coconut
91.   May 1990-Rabbit in Cabbage
92.   June 1990-Spring-Jawed Bulldog
93.   July 1990-Organ Grinder and Performing Bear, Part II
        -Perfection Registering, Part II
94.   August 1990-Uncle Tom
95.   September 1990-Leap Frog
96.   October 1990-Chief Big Moon
97.   November 1990-Girl in Victorian Chair
98.   December 1990-Cross-Legged Minstrel
99.   January 1991-The Home Bank
100.   February 1991-Spring-Jawed Mule
101.   March 1991-First 100 Articles-An Index
102.   April 1991-Butting Goat
103.   May 1991-Elephant Howdah, Man Pop Up
104.   June 1991-Boy Riding Bird's Nest
105.   July 1991-Spring-Jawed Parrot
106.   August 1991-Mickey Mouse, Tin
107.   September 1991-Dinah
108.   October 1991-Merry-Go-Round
109.   November 1991-Light of Asia
110.   December 1991-Frog on Rock
111.   January 1992-Spring-Jawed Chimpanzee
112.   February 1992-Elephant with Tusks, on Wheels
113.   March 1992-Bank of Education and Economy
114.   April 1992-Presto, Trick Drawer
115.   May 1992-Professor Pug Frog
116.   June 1992-Zoo
117.   July 1992-General Butler
118.   August 1992-Spring-Jawed Penguin
119.   September 1992-William Tell, Arrow
120.   October 1992-Hubley Elephant
121.   November 1992-Hubley Monkey
122.   December 1992-Hubley Trick Dog
123.   January 1993-Safety Locomotive
124.   February 1993-Hold the Fort
125.   March 1993-Pig in High Chair
126.   April 1993-Bread Winners
127.   May 1993-Presto, Penny Changes to a Quarter
128.   June 1993-Turtle Bank
129.   July 1993-Watch Dog Safe
130.   August 1993-Monkey, Coin in Stomach
131.   September 1993-Squirrel and Tree Stump
132.   October 1993-Grenadier
133.   November 1993-Mechanical Bank Reproductions, Part I
134.   December 1993-Mechanical Bank Reproductions, Part II
135.   January 1994-Mechanical Bank Reproductions, Part III
136.   February 1994-U.S. and Spain
137.   March 1994-Bow-ery
138.   April 1994-Time Is Money
139.   May 1994-Chronometer
140.   June 1994-Punch and Judy, Part II
141.   July 1994-The Jonah Bank
142.   August 1994-Owl Turns Head
143.   September 1994-Rabbit Standing, Small
144.   October 1994-Rabbit Standing, Large
145.   November 1994-Coasting Bank
146.   December 1994-Shoot the Chute
147.   January 1995-Santa Claus
148.   February 1995-North Pole
149.   March 1995-Bismark
150.   April 1995-Mechanical Bank Ephemera,
          Part II of: Jolly Nigger Bank, Hall's Excelsior,
          Chronometer, Mama Katzenjammer Bank
151.   May 1995-First 150 Articles-An Index
152.   June 1995-Hen and Chick Bank
153.   July 1995-Panorama Bank
154.   August 1995-The Motor Bank
155.   September 1995-The Mosque Bank
156.   October 1995-Queen Victoria Bust Bank
157.   November 1995-The Giant Bank
158.   December 1995-The Rival Bank
159.   January 1996-Giant in Tower Bank
160.   February 1996-Picture Gallery Bank
161.   March 1996-New Bank-Center Lever (Var.)
162.   April 1996-Small Elephant-Swings Trunk
163.   May 1996-Schley Bottling Up Cervera
164.   June 1996-U.S. Bank
165.   July 1996-The Kiltie Bank
166.   August 1996-The Cupola Bank
167.   September 1996-Spring-Jawed Rabbit
168.   October 1996-Tommy Bank
169.   November 1996-Trick Pony Bank
170.   December 1996-Mikado
171.   January 1997-Frog on Arched Track
172.   February 1997-Musical Church Bank (Silent Night)
173.   March 1997-Mama Katzenjammer Bank, Part II and
          The Horse Race Bank, Part II
174.   April 1997-Hall's Excelsior, Part II and Don Duer Book, Review
175.   May 1997 - Tank and Cannon
176.   June 1997-Freedman's Bureau
177.   July 1997-Freedman's Bank
178.   August 1997-Bonzo Bank, Tin
179.   September 1997-Smyth X-Ray Bank
180.   October 1997-Scotsman Bank, Tin
181.   November 1997-World's Fair Bank, Painted by Charles A. Bailey
182.   December 1997-Dog Tray Bank
183.   January 1998-Butting Buffalo, Part II
184.   February 1998-Tabby Bank
185.   March 1998-Roller Skating Bank
186.   April 1998-Wooden Packing Boxes and
          Chief Big Moon Bank, Part II, Red Base
187.   May 1998-Seek Him Frisk Bank
188.   June 1988-Calumet Bank
189.   July 1988-Snake and Frog in Pond
190.   August 1998-Mechanical Bank Patterns
191.   September 1998-The British Lion Bank
192.   October 1998-Lighthouse Bank
193.   November 1998-Old Woman in the Shoe
194.   December 1998-Darkey Watermelon Bank
195.   January 1999-Bill-E-Grin Bank
196.   February 1999-Octagonal Fort Bank
197.   March 1999-Baby Elephant Bank, Unlocks at X O'Clock
198.   April 1999-Springing Cat Bank
199.   May 1999-Darkey Fisherman Bank
200.   June 1999-Chinaman in Boat
201.   July 1999 Two Hundred Articles-An Index
202.   August 1999-Wishbone Bank-A Pattern
203.   September 1999-Old Aunt Dina and the Fairy-A Pattern
204.   October 1999-Bull and Bear Bank
205.   November 1999-Jolly Joe the Clown
206.   December 1999-Weeden's Plantation, Darkey Bank
207.   January 2000-Dime Pistol Bank
208.   February 2000-Ding Dong Bell Bank
209.   March 2000-Clown and Harlequin Bank
210.   April 2000-Japanese Ball Tosser
211.   May 2000-Boy on Trapeze, Part II, An Update
212.   June 2000-The Circus Bank
213.   July 2000-Harold Lloyd Bank
214.   August 2000-Cabin Bank
215.   September 2000-African Native Bank
216.   October 2000-Minstrel Bank, Tin
217.   November 2000-Creedmoor Bank
218.   December 2000-New Creedmoor Bank
219.   January 2001-English Punch and Judy Bank, Iron Front, Tin Back
220.   February 2001-Bowling Alley Bank
221.   March 2001-The Winner Savings Bank
222.   April 2001-Fortune Horse Race, "Savings Bank"
223.   May 2001-Called Out Bank
224.   June 2001-Uncle Remus Bank
225.   July 2001-Multiplying Bank
226.   August 2001-English Bulldog, Tin
227.   September 2001-English "Football Bank"
228.   October 2001-Hoop-La Bank
229.   November 2001-American Bank, Sewing Machine
230.   December 2001-Wishbone and Aunt Dina Patterns, Part II, An Update
231.   January 2002-John Bull's Money Box
232.   February 2002-Clown on Bar, Tin Figure
233.   March 2002-Kick Inn Bank
234.   April 2002-Gem Bank
235.   May 2002-Mechanical Banks of Legend, Hen and Chick, Part II
236.   June 2002-Teddy Bear Bank, Tin
237.   July 2002-Cowboy With Tray
238.   August 2002-Snap-It Bank
239.   September 2002-Tell, Chocolate Cigarette Vending Bank
240.   October 2002-Bear and Tree Stump
241.   November 2002-Charles Bailey, "Watch Bank"
242.   December 2002-Automatic Wood Mottoes Bank
243.   January 2003-Bird in Cage
244.   February 2003-Pelican Bank
245.   March 2003-British Clown
246.   April 2003-Presto Savings Bank, Mouse on Roof
247.   May 2003-Safe Deposit Box, Tin Elephant Bank
248.   June 2003-The Magic Bank
249.   July 2003-Clown Money Box
250.   August 2003-Indian Chief Bust

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