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Three Hundred Articles An Index
by Sy Schreckinger ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine October, 2007

     Numerous requests from readers prompted the following index of the three hundred articles I've written for Antique Toy World:

1.   August 1982-The Edwin H. Mosier Bank Sale
2.   December 1982-Girl Skipping Rope
3.   January 1983-Acrobats
4.   February 1983-Zig Zag Bank
5.   March 1983-Two Frogs
6.   April 1983-Reclining Chinaman
7.   May 1983-Elephant and 3 Clowns
8.   June 1983-Peg Leg Beggar
9.   July 1983-Circus Ticket Collector
10.   August 1983-Little Jocko Musical
11.   September 1983-Chimpanzee
12.   October 1983-Billy Goat
13.   November 1983-Confectionery
14.   December 1983-Jolly Nigger
15.   January 1984-Mama Katzenjammer
16.   February 1984-Hall's Excelsior
17.   March 1984-Paddy and the Pig
18.   April 1984-Speaking Dog
19.   May 1984-Tammany
20.   June 1984-Fowler
21.   July 1984-Humpty Dumpty
22.   August 1984-Mason
23.   September 1984-Humpty Dumpty, Part II
        -Elephant and 3 Clowns, Part II
24.   October 1984-Organ Bank, Cat and Dog
25.   November 1984-Bulldog Savings Bank
26.   December 1984-Bird on Roof
27.   January 1985-Darktown Battery
28.   February 1985-Magician
29.   March 1985-Boys Stealing Watermelons
30.   April 1985-Uncle Sam
31.   May 1985-Stump Speaker
32.   June 1985-Zig Zag, Part II
        -Bill Norman's Bank Book, Review
33.   July 1985-Lion Hunter
34.   August 1985-Calamity
35.   September 1985-Organ Miniature
36.   October 1985-Indian and Bear
37.   November 1985-William Tell
38.   December 1985-I Always Did 'Spise a Mule, Jockey
39.   January 1986-Punch and Judy
40.   February 1986-Organ Bank, Boy and Girl
41.   March 1986-Boy Scout Camp
42.   April 1986-Perfection Registering
43.   May 1986-I Always Did 'Spise a Mule, Boy on Bench
44.   June 1986-Bad Accident
45.   July 1986-Jonah and the Whale
46.   August 1986-Organ Grinder and Performing Bear
47.   September 1986-Afghanistan
48.   October 1986-Dentist
49.   November 1986-Goat, Frog, and Old Man
50.   December 1986-Teddy and the Bear
51.   January 1987-Mammy and Baby
52.   February 1987-Novelty
53.   March 1987-Lion and Monkeys
54.   April 1987-Horse Race
55.   May 1987-Hall's Lilliput
56.   June 1987-Mule Entering Barn
57.   July 1987-Toad on Stump
58.   August 1987-Milking Cow
59.   September 1987-Dog on Turntable
60.   October 1987-Spring-Jawed Alligator
61.   November 1987-Clown on Globe
62.   December 1987-Jumbo Elephant
63.   January 1988-Organ Bank with Monkey
64.   February 1988-Artillery
65.   March 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part I
66.   April 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part II
67.   May 1988-Stevens Foundry, Part III
68.   June 1988-Penny Lane, Book Review
69.   July 1988-Red Riding Hood
70.   August 1988-Eagle and Eaglets
71.   September 1988-Butting Buffalo
72.   October 1988-Spring-Jawed Bonzo
73.   November 1988-Trick Dog, Six-Part Base
74.   December 1988-Patronize the Blind Man and His Dog
75.   January 1989-Bucking Mule
76.   February 1989-World's Fair
77.   March 1989-Frog on Round Base
78.   April 1989-Owl, Slot in Head
79.   May 1989-Uncle Sam Bust
80.   June 1989-Boy on Trapeze
81.   July 1989-Boy and Bulldog
82.   August 1989-Bulldog Coin On Nose
83.   September 1989-Cat and Mouse
84.   October 1989-Rooster
85.   November 1989-Spring-Jawed Kitten
86.   December 1989-Saalheimer and Strauss Toy Catalog
87.   January 1990-Owl, Slot in Book
88.   February 1990-Bulldog Standing
89.   March 1990-Atlas
90.   April 1990-Monkey and Coconut
91.   May 1990-Rabbit in Cabbage
92.   June 1990-Spring-Jawed Bulldog
93.   July 1990-Organ Grinder and Performing Bear, Part II
        -Perfection Registering, Part II
94.   August 1990-Uncle Tom
95.   September 1990-Leap Frog
96.   October 1990-Chief Big Moon
97.   November 1990-Girl in Victorian Chair
98.   December 1990-Cross-Legged Minstrel, Tin
99.   January 1991-The Home Bank
100.   February 1991-Spring-Jawed Mule
101.   March 1991-First 100 Articles-An Index
102.   April 1991-Butting Goat
103.   May 1991-Elephant Howdah, Man Pops Up
104.   June 1991-Boy Robbing Bird's Nest
105.   July 1991-Spring-Jawed Parrot
106.   August 1991-Mickey Mouse, Tin
107.   September 1991-Dinah
108.   October 1991-Merry-Go-Round
109.   November 1991-Light of Asia
110.   December 1991-Frog on Rock
111.   January 1992-Spring-Jawed Chimpanzee
112.   February 1992-Elephant with Tusks, on Wheels
113.   March 1992-Bank of Education and Economy
114.   April 1992-Presto, Trick Drawer
115.   May 1992-Professor Pug Frog
116.   June 1992-Zoo
117.   July 1992-General Butler
118.   August 1992-Spring-Jawed Penguin
119.   September 1992-William Tell, Arrow Coin Shooter
120.   October 1992-Hubley Elephant
121.   November 1992-Hubley Monkey
122.   December 1992-Hubley Trick Dog
123.   January 1993-Safety Locomotive
124.   February 1993-Hold the Fort
125.   March 1993-Pig in High Chair
126.   April 1993-Bread Winners
127.   May 1993-Presto, Penny Changes to a Quarter
128.   June 1993-Turtle
129.   July 1993-Watch Dog Safe
130.   August 1993-Monkey, Coin in Stomach
131.   September 1993-Squirrel and Tree Stump
132.   October 1993-Grenadier
133.   November 1993-Mechanical Bank Reproductions, Part I
134.   December 1993-Mechanical Bank Reproductions, Part II
135.   January 1994-Mechanical Bank Reproductions, Part III
136.   February 1994-U.S. and Spain
137.   March 1994-Bow-ery
138.   April 1994-Time Is Money
139.   May 1994-Chronometer
140.   June 1994-Punch and Judy, Part II
141.   July 1994-Jonah And The Whale, Jonah Emerges
142.   August 1994-Owl Turns Head
143.   September 1994-Rabbit Standing, Small
144.   October 1994-Rabbit Standing, Large
145.   November 1994-Coasting Bank
146.   December 1994-Shoot the Chute
147.   January 1995-Santa Claus
148.   February 1995-North Pole
149.   March 1995-Bismark
150.   April 1995-Mechanical Bank Ephemera, Part II of:
          Jolly Nigger Bank, Hall's Excelsior, Chronometer,
          Mama Katzenjammer Bank
151.   May 1995-First 150 Articles-An Index
152.   June 1995-Hen and Chick
153.   July 1995-Panorama
154.   August 1995-Motor Bank
155.   September 1995-Mosque
156.   October 1995-Queen Victoria Bust
157.   November 1995-Giant
158.   December 1995-Rival
159.   January 1996-Giant in Tower
160.   February 1996-Picture Gallery
161.   March 1996-New Bank-Center Lever Variation
162.   April 1996-Small Elephant-Swings Trunk
163.   May 1996-Schley Bottling Up Cervera
164.   June 1996-U.S. Bank
165.   July 1996-Kiltie
166.   August 1996-Cupola
167.   September 1996-Spring-Jawed Rabbit
168.   October 1996-Tommy Bank
169.   November 1996-Trick Pony Bank
170.   December 1996-Mikado
171.   January 1997-Frog on Arched Track
172.   February 1997-Musical Church Bank (Silent Night)
173.   March 1997-Mama Katzenjammer Bank, Part II and
          The Horse Race Bank, Part II
174.   April 1997-Hall's Excelsior, Part II and
          Don Duer Book, Review
175.   May 1997-Tank and Cannon
176.   June 1997-Freedman's Bureau
177.   July 1997-Freedman's Bank
178.   August 1997-Bonzo, Tin
179.   September 1997-Smyth X-Ray
180.   October 1997-Scotsman, Tin
181.   November 1997-World's Fair Bank, Painted by Charles A. Bailey
182.   December 1997-Dog Tray
183.   January 1998-Butting Buffalo, Part II
184.   February 1998-Tabby
185.   March 1998-Roller Skating
186.   April 1998-Wooden Packing Boxes and
          Chief Big Moon Bank, Part II, (Red Base)
187.   May 1998-Seek Him Frisk
188.   June 1988-Calumet
189.   July 1988-Snake and Frog in Pond, Tin
190.   August 1998-Mechanical Bank Patterns
191.   September 1998-British Lion, Tin
192.   October 1998-Lighthouse
193.   November 1998-Old Woman in the Shoe
194.   December 1998-Darkey Watermelon
195.   January 1999-Bill-E-Grin
196.   February 1999-Octagonal Fort
197.   March 1999-Baby Elephant Bank, Unlocks at X O'Clock
198.   April 1999-Springing Cat
199.   May 1999-Darkey Fisherman
200.   June 1999-Chinaman in the Boat
201.   July 1999-Two Hundred Articles-An Index
202.   August 1999-Wishbone Bank, A Pattern
203.   September 1999-Old Aunt Dina and the Fairy, A Pattern
204.   October 1999-Bull and Bear
205.   November 1999-Jolly Joe the Clown, Tin
206.   December 1999-Weeden's Plantation Bank
207.   January 2000-Pistol
208.   February 2000-Ding Dong Bell
209.   March 2000-Clown and Harlequin
210.   April 2000-Japanese Ball Tosser
211.   May 2000-Boy on Trapeze, Part II, An Update
212.   June 2000-Circus Bank
213.   July 2000-Harold Lloyd, Tin
214.   August 2000-Cabin
215.   September 2000-African Native, Tin
216.   October 2000-Minstrel, Tin
217.   November 2000-Creedmoor
218.   December 2000-New Creedmoor
219.   January 2001-English Punch and Judy Bank, Iron Front, Tin Back
220.   February 2001-Bowling Alley
221.   March 2001-Winner Savings Bank
222.   April 2001-Fortune Horse Race, "Savings Bank", Tin
223.   May 2001-Called Out
224.   June 2001-Uncle Remus
225.   July 2001-Multiplying
226.   August 2001-English Bulldog, Tin
227.   September 2001-English "Football Bank"
228.   October 2001-Hoop-La Bank
229.   November 2001-American Bank, Sewing Machine
230.   December 2001-Wishbone and Aunt Dina Patterns, Part II, An Update
231.   January 2002-John Bull's Money Box
232.   February 2002-Clown on Bar, Tin Figure
233.   March 2002-Kick Inn
234.   April 2002-Gem Bank
235.   May 2002-Mechanical Banks of Legend,
          Hen and Chick, Part II
236.   June 2002-Teddy Bear, Tin
237.   July 2002-Cowboy With Tray-Tin
238.   August 2002-Snap-It
239.   September 2002-Tell, Chocolate Cigarette Vending Bank
240.   October 2002-Bear and Tree Stump
241.   November 2002-Charles Bailey, "Watch Bank"
242.   December 2002-Automatic Wood Mottoes Bank
243.   January 2003-Bird in Cage, Tin
244.   February 2003-Pelican
245.   March 2003-British Clown, Tin
246.   April 2003-Presto Savings Bank, Mouse on Roof
247.   May 2003-Safe Deposit Box, Tin Elephant
248.   June 2003-Magie Bank, Tin
249.   July 2003-Clown Money Box
250.   August 2003-Indian Chief Bust
251.   September 2003-Two Hundred Fifty Articles-An Index
252.   October 2003-Sweet Thrift, Tin
253.   November 2003-Treasure Chest Music Bank
254.   December 2003-Elephant Locked Howdah
255.   January 2004-Golliwog Bank, Tin
256.   February 2004-Church Bank, Woman With Bible
257.   March 2004-Clown And Dog, Tin
258.   April 2004-Magic Bank
259.   May 2004-Savo Banks
260.   June 2004-Shoot That Hat
261.   July 2004-The School Master Bank
262.   August 2004-Preacher In The Pulpit
263.   September 2004-Chirping Bird In Cage, Tin And Lead
264.   October 2004-Flip The Frog Money Box, Tin
265.   November 2004-Bank Teller
266.   December 2004-Indiana Paddle Wheeler Bank
267.   January 2005-The Seven Ravens Bank
268.   February 2005-Bear With Slot In Chest
269.   March 2005-Native And Crocodile Bank
270.   April 2005-Woman At The Treasure Pump, Tin
271.   May 2005-Germania Exchange
272.   June 2005-Automatic Savings Bank, Tin
273.   July 2005-Empire Cinema, Tin
274.   August 2005-King Aqua
275.   September 2005-Mother Hubbard Bank
276.   October 2005-Nodding Dog, Tin
277.   November 2005-Darkey Bust, Tin
278.   December 2005-Strongman Bank
279.   January 2006-Thoroughbred Bank
280.   February 2006-Cockatoo, Tin
281.   March 2006-Mandarin Bank, Tin
282.   April 2006-Automatic Coin Savings Bank
283.   May 2006-Cast Iron Toys Manufactured By:
          J. & E. Stevens; Judd Mfg. Co.; And Kyser & Rex.
          plus Sy Schreckinger Antique Toy World Articles CD
284.   June 2006-The World's Banker, Tin
285.   July 2006-National Bank
286.   August 2006-The Gardener Bank
287.   September 2006-Hubley Trick Dog Bank, Six Part Base Variation
288.   October 2006-Lion Tamer Bank
289.   November 2006-Guessing Bank
290.   December 2006-Fortune Telling Bank, Tin
291.   January 2007-Clever Dick Bank, Tin
292.   February 2007-Model Savings Bank, Tin
293.   March 2007-Key Bank, Semi-Mechanical
294.   April 2007-Old Woman With Broom
295.   May 2007-Guessing Bank, Woman's Figure
296.   June 2007-The United States Bank
297.   July 2007-Tiger Bank, Tin
298.   August 2007-Monkey And Parrot, Tin
299.   September 2007-Toutoubox Bank, Tin and Lead
300.   October 2007-Three Hundred Articles-An Index

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