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From home page of MBCA web.

September 19, 2014
     It is with great sadness that we note the passing of
Sy Schreckinger.

     Sy was a significant contributor to our hobby and will
be missed by all. He was the author of monthly in depth mechanical bank articles in Antique
Toy World magazine from 1982 through 2014, an active member of MBCA since 1971, a friend, a respected dealer, and cast iron restoration specialist.
      We extend our sincerest sympathy to his wife, family, and friends.
Sy Schreckinger

Sy Schreckinger

 ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine December, 2014



Sy Schreckinger
Beloved Husband, Father and Friend

Most of the antique collectibles community knew Sy Schreckinger either through his work as an expert antique toy and bank restorer or through his mechanical bank articles that have appeared in Antique Toy World for more than thirty years.
     We all knew him well and respected him for so many reasons. He always had the ability to make us smile or laugh. His quick wit and intellect were readily apparent. He was a
passionate and knowledgeable collector. His knowledge of the mechanics of banks were second-to-none. He was generous in his efforts to mentor new collectors. His camaraderie at the annual MBCA conventions made for fun times and laughs. He was responsible for building many World-Class collections. His devotion and care for his family was admirable.
     We loved you and we will miss you greatly.
     Our deepest condolences go out to his wife Linda, his children Jamie and Jon, their spouses, and his adoring grandchildren.
With all our love and prayers
Leon & Angela Weiss
Steven Weiss
Ray & Nancy Haradin
Barry & Susan Seiden
Robert & Sylvia Weiss
Gregory & Bernadette Zemenick
Larry & Karen Feld
Oliver Clark
Paul & Carol Cole
David Dods
Stephen and Marilyn Steckbeck
Clive & Ronnie Devenish
Von & Kris Fahrenbruch
Robert & Judy Brady
Anthony & Roberta Haradin
Jim & Regina Rocheleau
Peter & Nancy Wysocki

In Memory of Sy Schreckinger
To those who knew him, Sy will be remembered as an
avid collector of antiques - and particularly mechanical banks.
His entry into this specialized and wonderful world of mechanicals led
to long-lasting friendships with others who shared his passion.
Although Sy will be dearly missed by many, his creativity and talent
extended far beyond his abilities. Much more importantly, he was a
loving, devoted, generous husband, father and grandfather.
We are grateful to have been an important part of his life.
Linda, Jamie, Jon

In Memory of Sy Schreckinger
He was a mentor, a friend and someone who would
never hesitate to spend time with a new collector,
or an old collector. His passion, his stories, his articles
on mechanical banks, and the knowledge that he had,
were always readily shared with fellow collectors.
He was a very special friend, and he will be forever missed,
Barry & Susan Seiden
Dr. Gregory & Bernadette Zemenick
Larry and Karen Feld
Dale & Valerie Kelley
Jim and Regina Rocheleau
Jeanne, Rich and Michael Bertoia
Oliver Clark
Leon Weiss
Ray Haradin
Bill and Wendy Jones

and all his friends
from the MBCA

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