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 The Zig Zag Bank (Part II)
by Sy Schreckinger ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine June, 1985

     Additional patent information which had come to my attention prompted this addendum to the "Zig Zag Bank" article which appeared in the February 1983 issue of Antique Toy World. In it, I discussed how Moses Newman and George H. Bennett, of New York, received patent number 413,204 on October 22, 1889, for their invention of the Zig Zag Bank.
     The patent drawing did not illustrate the external design of the bank (Figure 1), but only described and protected the internal mechanism. On January 7, 1890, a Design Patent number 19,569 (Figure 2) was also issued to Messrs. Newman and Bennett. This patent protected and depicted the bank as it was ultimately manufactured.
     Unfortunately, that manufacturer remains unknown, although the construction and colors of the Zig Zag Bank lead me to speculate that it might have been produced by the Kyser and Rex Company of Philadelphia, PA.

The Bank Book by Bill Norman

by Sy Schreckinger ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine June, 1985

      The book we've been waiting patiently for is here, at last! And I would like to state that it has been well-worth waiting for. To date, this is the most complete, concise, informative, and attractive book to be written on Mechanical Banks. Each page displays one or more large, clear, full color photograph(s) of a mechanical bank, accompanied by a brief description and numerical price-rarity grading system. The history and manufacturer(s) are discussed in great detail. In addition, there is a special full-color illustrated section which deals with Mechanical Bank Trade Cards.
     The Bank Book should serve as an invaluable aid, not only to the toy and mechanical bank collector, but to anyone interested in antiques. It truly brings to focus how significant these wonderful toys are as a reflection of our history.
     If you would like to order a copy of THE BANK BOOK by Bill Norman, send a check or money order for $45.00 for the regular edition, or $125.00 for the genuine leather bound, limited edition, made out to "THE BANK BOOK", with your name and address and send it to: Sy Schreckinger, c/o Young and Rubicam, Inc., 285 Madison Avenue 7th Floor; New York, N.Y. 10017.

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