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The Organ Grinder and Performing Bear
(Part II, An Update)
by Sy Schreckinger ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine July, 1990

      Additional information has come to my attention pertaining to the "Organ Grinder and Performing Bear" bank. In my article (refer to the August 1986 issue of Antique Toy World), I had discussed the bank's action and lack of any casting variations. Since its writing, I've become aware of an "Organ Grinder and Bear" bank in which the figure of the organ grinder differs significantly in both casting and animation and may be classified as a variant. The common figure, as described in the August 1986 article and pictured in Figure I, possesses a left hand that is motionless and lies flat atop the organ. Activation of the bank results in rotation of the right hand, as if cranking the instrument. In the newly discovered variation, the organ grinder's left hand is no longer stationary and a fixed part of the casting, but moves independently at the wrist joint. Activation of this mechanical appears to nudge the coin atop the organ into the slot (Figure II), while the action of the right hand remains identical to the aforementioned version.
     Both variations of the "Organ Grinder and Performing Bear" were manufactured by the Kyser and Rex Company, of Frankford, Pennsylvania, in, or around, the year 1882.
     My thanks to Dr. Greg Zemenick for sharing this information, and in whose fine collection the variant resides.

The Perfection Registering Bank
(Part II, An Update)
by Sy Schreckinger ANTIQUE TOY WORLD Magazine July, 1990

      A newly discovered color and casting variant of "Perfection Registering" bank has recently come to my attention. Prior to discussion of this "find," I make reference to my article in the April 1986 issue of Antique Toy World in which the "Perfection Registering" mechanical was described as having no known color variations and as follows: "The entire bank is an overall cream color. The floral designs, the newsboy in the front panel, the soldier standing guard and the lion's head embellishing the end panel are painted gold. The little girl has blond hair, black eyes, a white blouse and apron and a bright orange waistband. Her dog is white with black spots and tiny black eyes. The top of the platform she stands upon is colored a dusty rose, and there is a bright orange flourish on the wall facing the girl. The coin registering label is printed on bluish-black paper, with gold lettering. Underneath the base plate are cast the words, " 'PAT APLD FOR.' "
     In contrast, and worthy of mention in view of its extremely attractive appearance, is the aforementioned variant. This version is painted an overall lilac color, highlighted in gold. The top of the platform the little girl stands upon is bright yellow, and the back wall to which the registering label is affixed is painted indigo. The little girl and her dog, as well as the paper label, do not differ from the bank described in the 1986 article, except for a lilac hem at the bottom of her dress.
     Underneath the base plate, and cast into the iron, are the words, "PATD-JAN 10, 1893." With the addition of the patent date, one may conclude that this example of the "Perfection Registering" bank is of later production than the one inscribed "PAT APLD FOR" in the 1986 article.

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